Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visiting Our Spirit Place

It's been long over due and sorely missed, but this afternoon we finally were able to return to our Spirit Place...the place where we have pulled off on many afternoons in days gone by...a place where we have rejoiced after visits with friends...a place where John proposed to me...a place where we feel totally connected with something bigger than ourselves.

A serene place along the Broad River and nestled in the mountains near Chimney Rock, is our place. As we park and head toward the water, our hearts beat a little faster, knowing that soon we will find complete peace. After a few minutes of carefully negotiating your footsteps down the paths, the arrival at the river welcomes us with sunshine and the first thing I want to do....lay my hand on the rocks and say hello to our old friend.

It's here that we take the biggest breath of relief in the past few months. That we release our worries, even if momentarily, and allow our beings to relax in the knowing. We watch a pair of crows that are diligently working on building their nest, and relate to them as we quietly watch their movements.

They fly high over our heads back and forth and pay us humans no attention as they focus on their task, maybe reminding us to do the same.
We walk a bit over the large rocks and boulders, each step taken in reverence, at the beauty that surrounds us. Few words are spoken on this trip, they aren't needed. It's here that we remember who we are with one another and enjoy the peace that is emanating between us.
The waters are clean and cool, cleansing for the body and soul. John drinks from the river and meditates briefly while I am pulled to go explore.

As I head the other way I feel pulled to a quiet place where I feel the presence of a bear. No, I do not see him, but feel him in the woods on the other side of the river, watching us two-legged ones with interest. With my camera in tow, I take a few shots of the water that just glistens with sparkles of light dancing along the top and I think of the old Cherokee stories of the wee ones and where they may be hiding.
Soon we feel it's time to leave our spot. We have been here long enough, are replenished with balance, and it's time to give it back to those that live here.  So grateful for the day, beautiful and warm.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Best Part of Being an Artist

Waking up at 4am this morning, is my prodding to write before I start my day. Sometimes it may be a poem, a short story, a blog post, or part of the book that I am writing that seems as if it is taking forever. I love this part of the day, when everything is quiet and you feel as if you are all alone in the universe, except for the gentle stirrings of life nearby..the birds rustling in the trees, a lone car going down the road. This morning the rain is the only thing that is awake, gently pattering on the roof and bringing a chill to the mountain.
As I make my tea, I think about the creations I am going to work on today in getting ready for this weekend's show. And although most everyday is filled with the passion of Art which I dearly love, I know that I work harder and longer every day than I did when I worked  the typical 9-5. The difference with doing something you are in love with and just working the "job"...I don't get burned out. The creative flow is continual, which makes me yearn for more hours in the day. But if asked, "What is your favorite part of being an artist?" my reply would be sharing it, watching and listening to those that view it. I love to stand off to the side and watch and listen to how people engage with it, what is makes them feel, what it makes them remember. A silent conversation that  goes on between us, a part of my soul communicating with a part of yours.
When I create my art dolls, I want them to speak to you, to tell you their own story. Their facial expressions are what people connect with.

It doesn't matter, man or woman, young or old, I am connecting with you on the most vulnerable level of me.
And while I am focused on the visual aspects, John's  primary medium is through his Native Flute music which is so absolutely beautiful. The biggest joy, playing music for the children and watching their smiles.

These are the things that connect us as humans, the stories, the laughter, the understanding of one another. This is what lets me know that it is indeed possible to be at peace with one another and leave our baggage and separatism at the door. This is why I love being an artist.


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