Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sacred Tree Sacred Moon

"Sacred Tree, Sacred Moon.....thank you for illuminating the path for me...for reminding me of what is truly important...and for helping me to keep my breath in step with the heartbeat. Thank you for melting my stress away when I come to sit beneath your boughs. Thank you for teaching me how every living thing is connected to Mother. 

I am grateful to you for teaching me to Stand in my power...to reach ever higher...and to be flexible in the winds. I am grateful for your Sanctuary, as your presence always give me comfort. I am grateful in knowing that while years of change can happen, yet you will continue to stand tall.

You are my, Sacred Tree Sacred Moon, always."
(c) Copyright Jeanne Fry All Rights Reserved

Sacred Tree Sacred Moon Original Acrylic Painting on Wood Panel 10x10 by Jeanne Fry

The writing above accompanies my Original Acrylic Painting on Wood. This Tree of Life Moon Mandala Painting can be found in our Etsy shop here 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Honeybee Tribe and their Inspiring Symbolism

What most people don't know about me.....I am a politics and news junkie. I follow on several different sources to learn as much as I can, because while I know many people think it to be depressing...I believe that Knowledge is Power. Between the state of our politics and the seemingly endless run of tragedies in the news, I am deeply saddened for us as people. Often I am shaking my head in disbelief, simply bewildered because some days it seems that we Humans haven't evolved at all. 
I watch growing numbers of people allowing their Fears to take over their spirit, sometimes to the point that their authentic soul becomes unrecognizable. The Scales of Balance are tipping out of control, and Kindness and Empathy are becoming overrun by Anger and Bigotry. 

The Honeybee Tribe Original Canvas Painting with Red Trees

The other day I sat on the porch and was thinking on the Honeybee. I thought about them as a huge family...a Tribe..and how they all worked together as a collective for the greater good...for a purpose. As humans we often will say..."What can I do? I'm just one person." But, I just can't buy into that precept. 
The Honeybee Tribe Original Canvas Painting with Red Trees

When you look at the Honeybees, yes, they do a vast amount of work as a whole....but each individual bee is busy making change, hard at work, and his work makes a difference in the world. We humans are the same. It may seem like "How could I possibly make a difference in the world?" but truly it starts with each one of us....doing the work...being kind...having empathy and understanding..and Love. We must not let the Fear and Anger  steal the goodness in our hearts. 
The Honeybee Tribe is my reminder. 

The Honeybee Tribe Original Painting is listed in our Etsy shop here

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Return to the Abundant Earth

Sometimes we step away from the things that are a core part of us - our rituals or ways of life - often  not because we have abandoned them but simply because our spirit needs something different in the moment. I feel, in part, that this has been the case for me. 
Over the past year I had stepped back from the intrinsic part of me who's spirituality and healing based from nature, my animal totems, and Earth Mother.

 For the most part I think this was on a subconscious level, for I was experiencing such loss in my heart that my soul urged me to immerse in the Feminine. I placed my heart within the Goddess's hands, needing to heal, to understand, and to be still. 
Many lessons flowed, some sweet and with ease, and some painfully difficult. I was able to come to understandings about myself and how I walk in the world, along with even greater understandings about humanity. 
I believe that healing and self growth are a lifelong process - that we reach levels of  understanding and then continue to ascend. Now I feel that it is time for me to broaden my scope again, integrating my refreshingly, deep nourished Goddess sense with the balanced, grounded Nature Sage. It is time for me to reconnect the Bridge between Earth and Sky. 
Outwardly I suppose that people will notice this within my artwork, which I feel will be turning, in some senses, to a more balanced feminine and masculine slant. 
I return with excitement, for I have especially missed my strong focus on the animal totems, who are all chattering incessantly, like old friends catching up in a flurry. 
My conscious thought on this spiritual and artistic transition came to the canvas a few days ago, creating "Abundant Earth". 
Symbolically the painting was satisfying, incorporating black lava medium, handmade paper, cotton canvas, liquitex acrylics, ink, gesso, textile, and clay beads - each component bringing outwardly meaning to the balance I spoke of. 

The "Abundant Earth" Original Mixed Media Painting is listed here

Monday, February 15, 2016

Quail Totem Symbolic Meaning

The Quail Totem is a wonderful Animal Teacher, bringing lessons that focus on Self Care, Grounding, and the importance of doing so. 
With the Quail being a bird that is widely hunted, he has much he can teach us humans about living and surviving symbolically in this big ol' world. Awareness is needed in order to not only see Opportunities, but to see where dangers and pitfalls lie. It is the calm, grounded soul that can be fully aware of their surroundings. If were are to make wise decisions in the face of adversity or crisis, those decisions must come from our balanced self. It is from this place that we know when to move forward and when to hang back, when to be open and when to protect ourselves. 
In order to be at our best in balance, we  must become a master in self care, nurturing the body mind and spirit. Eating well, sleeping well, having "me" time, and surrounding ourselves with healthy relationships...all can help us breathe deeply and calmly. Above all, Quail reminds us to listen to our inner voice, for there lies many answers that can be useful on this journey.

Quail Totem Painting by Jeanne Fry, is available 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Turtle Warrior

I may be soft and vulnerable underneath
but I carry an exterior of Strength...

I may not be moving fast enough for you
but I am taking thoughtful caring Steps....

I may appear to be an empty shell
but inside this vessel I have the capability of producing bountiful life

I am delicate
I am a warrior
I am a mother
I am a woman
I am a Caretaker of the Earth.
I am Life. 

(My Original Canvas Painting of the Turtle Warrior is available on Etsy here)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Ancient Dreams - Tribal Grandmother Art Doll Sculpture

"Ancient Dreams" was created to be symbolic for those who walked before us, our ancestors, our Grandmothers. She serves as a reminder of what our grandmothers taught us in honoring our traditions. She wants us to remember that as this world changes so rapidly and technology grows so fast, to still take those moments that we need to stay grounded and connected to our roots and Mother Earth. In our dreams we have a vehicle for connecting to our most authentic selves, our strong intuitive sense, and to be able to hear the messages that are sent to us. We are divinely guided and always surrounded by our Guardians, and "Ancient Dreams" is a daily reminder of that. 
Ancient Dreams Tribal Grandmother Art Doll

We know that when we are overwhelmed, simply taking a few moments outdoors can bring a balanced sense of peace to our soul. We often neglect taking the time for ourselves, placing so much importance on the seemingly never ending list of things to do, but sadly taking care of ourselves is not often on that list. 
Ancient Dreams Tribal Grandmother Art Doll

This grandmother wants to impress on us that "quality" time is needed for healing, not just time in the nothingness in front of the television, listening to the negative noise. She wants us to take the utmost care of our spirit in order to stay connected - time outdoors, with animals, in prayer, and with our families. When we have done so, those moments in our restorative sleep bring the dreams filled with the most healing and loving qualities. 


Monday, October 26, 2015

Polar Bear Totem Symbolic Meaning

I've painted Bear Totems for years, so many Black and Brown bears in my creations, but over the past few months I have been attracted to the beautiful Polar Bear. My first was a custom requested Polar Bear Gourd Ceremony Rattle which motivated me to start learning more about them. Since then I have worked with and learned more and more about their energy.

The Polar Bear is a very special animal teacher. They are known for pure spirit, exceptional strength, and make choices based on their inner knowing and never their fears. They are resourceful, even when it seems as if there are no resources, which when coupled with their perseverance and adaptability makes them a motivating survivor. They can go the distance, able to attain their vision
They teach us the importance of making clear choices that are based on our highest good - the choices that can lead us toward following our calling -not the choices that can keep us down.
They represent cycles, and moving through them, and allowing them to flow from beginning to end....andto have the wisdom to know when a cycle is absolutely complete and needs to be let go.
  The Polar Bear can teach us much about Energy, how to conserve it, and how to spend it.
They remind us that when we live our life with a pure and honest heart, our spirit has open communication with Source.

Their white fur (purity in spirit) is their camouflage, allowing them to hunt in a way that they can stand back, watch, and listen. This combined with their focused patience makes them highly effective hunters, lending to decisiveness and strategic planning

They fully utilize their senses and capabilities, able to smell a seal (their primary food source) up to 1 mile away. 

They are "sure-footed" on ice and slippery terrain, having dermal bumps on the pads of their feet for traction - symbolic of ability to navigate difficult circumstances with balance and a confident spirit. Their claws are deeply "scooped" for digging in ice, which symbolizes an aptitude in searching for answers and meaning in life. 

Their skill in the water allows them to swim for days at a time, up to 6 mph. In fact, they spend more time in the water, then they do on land. Their scientific name is Ursus Maritimus - which means Maritime Bear. This strong bond with the water is symbolic of a balance of emotions. While the Polar Bear is a strong effective hunter, they are also extremely nurturing and protective of their young. They are not territorial as one might think, and often choose to escape instead of fighting. 

Often the Polar Bear will lead a mostly solitary life, though I don't consider this lonely, but symbolically in a place where one is happy and content with themselves and who they are. 

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