Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Honeybee Tribe and their Inspiring Symbolism

What most people don't know about me.....I am a politics and news junkie. I follow on several different sources to learn as much as I can, because while I know many people think it to be depressing...I believe that Knowledge is Power. Between the state of our politics and the seemingly endless run of tragedies in the news, I am deeply saddened for us as people. Often I am shaking my head in disbelief, simply bewildered because some days it seems that we Humans haven't evolved at all. 
I watch growing numbers of people allowing their Fears to take over their spirit, sometimes to the point that their authentic soul becomes unrecognizable. The Scales of Balance are tipping out of control, and Kindness and Empathy are becoming overrun by Anger and Bigotry. 

The Honeybee Tribe Original Canvas Painting with Red Trees

The other day I sat on the porch and was thinking on the Honeybee. I thought about them as a huge family...a Tribe..and how they all worked together as a collective for the greater good...for a purpose. As humans we often will say..."What can I do? I'm just one person." But, I just can't buy into that precept. 
The Honeybee Tribe Original Canvas Painting with Red Trees

When you look at the Honeybees, yes, they do a vast amount of work as a whole....but each individual bee is busy making change, hard at work, and his work makes a difference in the world. We humans are the same. It may seem like "How could I possibly make a difference in the world?" but truly it starts with each one of us....doing the work...being kind...having empathy and understanding..and Love. We must not let the Fear and Anger  steal the goodness in our hearts. 
The Honeybee Tribe is my reminder. 

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Jamie Vertz said...

Knowledge IS power. Couldn't agree more!

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