Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seahorse Totem Symbolic Meaning

The Seahorse is a mystical little being, not often seen by most of us, but an intriguing member of the sea kingdom who's beauty and delicate nature can captivate. The seahorse could be known as the "Buddha of the ocean" due to the patience and diligence he expresses. They "live in the present" and are happy staying in their own little section of the sea, content and serene. They feed on foods that float by them, so they can also be found latching on to nearby plants, waiting..eating.."being".

They have a shared responsibility in mating after a very long courtship and ceremonial dances. Time and attention is paid to detail. In fact, their shared responsibility is shown in their reproduction, as the female deposits her eggs in the male seahorse's pouch, and he carries them until they are born.
Seahorse can remind us to slow down, enjoy each moment, and appreciate what we have.
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