Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lizard Tales ~ Art Blog Giveaway

In celebration of our Facebook page reaching 400 likes, as promised we are having a blog giveaway. Along with the Lizard Totem being the most popular totem on our blog...we are going to be giving away 2 of our pieces of Lizard art. One is a hand painted stone tile that measures 6 inches x 6 inches and has a metal hanger on the back so that it can be displayed as a wall piece or set in a small tabletop easel as I often do. The other piece is a hand painted gourd pendant necklace featured with a Lizard Totem, and embellished with amethyst.

Lizard Totem Stone Tile
Lizard Totem Gourd Pendant Necklace
 To enter into the giveaway, please leave a comment here on this post, and we would love it if you would share our blog - through Facebook or Twitter. We will choose a winner at random on Saturday, November 3rd.
Thank you for supporting us through Facebook and here on our blog.
Happy Halloween and Happy Lizard Totems !

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