Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Wishing Tree Symbolism of Hope and Dreams

The "Wishing Tree" is always here for you. It stands tall and strong with a glow of purity and wisdom. Swirls of healing colors climb through its trunk, welcoming its visitors, inviting one to sit and make a wish. Each white leaf represents a guardian who is there to help. Offshoots of leaf stars peak through the tree, these for the wishing of "big" dreams.
When one desires to make a wish they choose a leaf and that guardian helps bring it to fruition. The only thing that the Wishing Tree asks in return is that you sit and tell it a story...your story. The Tree loves to listen and will keep the strictest confidence. 

The "Wishing Tree" is always here for you. It's right in the middle of your dreams.
The Wishing Tree is an Original Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry. It was done with acrylics on an 8x10 canvas. It is available here in our Artfire Shop

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Luna Moth - Her Gift and Symbolism

The Luna Moth (Polyphemus Moth - Antheraea Polypehmus)  may be considered one of the most Spiritual and Mystical of animal totems. To meet one is a special gift, for when she is in her adult moth stage she only lives for approximately one week. While living through their adult moth life they do not eat, for they have no mouth. One might say that their purpose is to reproduce, but I say it is to Love. They are born, they transform, they love, they die, and then are again reborn. Their cycles are short, as are our years while we are here.
We are reminded to make the most of our moments and to Live and Love to the fullest. It is an appreciation for the simple magic of existence, and to explore it with excitement.

Luna Moth Animal Totem Meaning and Art Polythemus Moth
Luna Moth Art Print

 She is most often seen in the evenings, attracted to the moon and to light. She speaks of our connection to the Feminine, our inner spirit, trust in ourselves and our intuition. We learn of the importance in finding the balance between light and dark, the seen and the unseen.
She is a reminder that when all is said and done, our Healing, Authenticity, and Sense of Love are the ultimate journey.

Luna Moth her Gift and Symbolism Artwork
Luna Moth - Her Gift and Symbolism Art Print
I brought the beauty of the Luna Moth into one of my new paintings, titled "The Symbolic Journey of Faith and Love". It was created in an Art Nouveau style, bringing the White Butterflies, Dragonfly, and Luna Moths into the Mandala design.

Luna Moth Artwork Weekender Tote Bag
Luna Moth Weekender Tote Bag

Luna Moth Study Artwork Coffee Mug
Luna Moth Study Artwork Coffee Mug
Luna Moth Gift and Symbolism Artwork Coffee Mug
Luna Moth Gift and Symbolism Artwork Coffee Mug 

I have created a new painting, an Original Pop Surrealism painting titled "Luna's Moonlit Garden". She is listed in my Etsy shop

Luna's Moonlit Garden on Etsy


The Luna Moth is one of my favorite totems. Isn't it grand that such a small piece of beauty, can make us gasp in delight like when we were children?

The Spirit of the Luna Moth is captured in this Handmade Gourd Art Bowl with Dried Grass Lacing. It was created using a beautiful gourd from one of our local gourd farms, the cleaned and cut into its shape. Using leather acrylics, the background of the gourd was painted in blended shades of browns with hints of mint green and beige running through it. - See more at:

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dream Weekend Art Sale in January in Conscious Art Studios Artfire Shop

Happy Cold Blustery Weekend everyone ! It is frigidly cold and blustery today, too cold to go out. So, while staying warm and cozy indoors, we're offering an Art Sale for this Martin Luther King weekend. We have been adding lots of new artwork to the studio over the past few weeks, so this weekend would be a perfect time to collect some beautiful art. 

The coupon code is good on all of the art in the studio, except for the clearance section. All you need to do is use coupon code DREAMWEEKENDSALE at checkout to receive the discount.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we have been creating lots of new Glass Art Print Pendants and Necklaces, Glass Art Earrings, and Symbolic Gourd Pendants. These handmade necklaces are rich, colorful, and meaningful. 
The glass art pendants and necklaces are available in many shapes; round, rectangular, and triangular. Some are set in metal while some just glass themselves. The metals come in silver, copper, and bronze finishes, with complimentary chains.
You can take a peak at them here

We have some new Gourd Jewelry added to the studio as well. These earthy pendants are embellished with gemstone, wood, and glass beads. They add a wonderful uniqueness to the wardrobe with their earth element elegance.
 You can see them here

Soon we are going to have to make another trip to the Gourd Farm, our supplies are beginning to get low. We have been crafting some new Gourd Art Bowls and I really love how they have been coming out. We have many gourd bowls throughout our house. I tend to collect lots of little things, and of course all little treasures need a home. I use my gourd bowls to store my gemstones and feathers. I keep one on my desk for paperclips, binder clips, and tape rolls. I have others that hold my pencils and markers. And I have a large one that I keep on the mantle that holds little index cards with written affirmations on them. When I need a little uplifting, I pull one out and keep it with me for the day.
"The Old Ways" Gourd Art Bowl by John and Jeanne Fry

And of course, our Artfire Shop is full of original paintings, greeting cards, original bookmarks, native flute music, art dolls, and lots of inspirational and symbolic art. We try and create the things that make our spirits sing.
Deer Totem Original Painting by Jeanne Fry
If you are staying in on this chilly winter weekend, grab a cup of coffee or cocoa and have a visit in our studio. Stay warm and enjoy our Dream Weekend Art Sale.

Conscious Art Studios Artfire Studio

Friday, January 10, 2014

Armadillo Shield Symbolic Gourd Necklaces and Totem Meaning

Animal Totem Art has been my focus for many years. With the majority of my creative inspiration coming from nature and the animal kingdom, there is a wealth of wisdom to be learned from them. My personal totem is the Lizard, who's lessons I have benefited greatly from over time.
Recently I was having a conversation with my wonderful Aussie friend, Nicole. Our talk grazed over spirituality, life lessons, and intuitiveness, as it often does. Late one night while in the midst of one our philosophical chats, Armadillo totem wisdom was sent to me. 

This was unusual, for armadillo has certainly never come to my attention.
The Armadillo is most known for it's shield of armor that he wears. This is his source of protection, with his underbelly (inner self) being his vulnerable area. When he feels danger near he will roll up into a tight ball and protect himself. In reflection for humans, the danger could be physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual. I pondered over this little creature, visualizing him curled up in a ball...a circle.

I realized while talking with Nicole that for the past few weeks I had been wearing a particular gourd necklace.

It was one that my husband and I  had made, a circle disk made of gourd. The piece was simple and natural and when I wore it I felt a sense of strength and courage, and I was especially wearing it when I would go out to holiday gatherings and virtually everywhere in public. I pay special attention to what I adorn myself with when I am out, as I am very sensitive to the energy of others. How serendipitous that the armadillo and his symbolism was becoming more prevalent to me. 

Armadillos have sharp claws and are expert diggers. This would be symbolic of "getting to the root" of the matter. It is beneficial to know the underlying motivations and things unseen in situations. By being aware, we are able to use the protection ability more proficiently. We wouldn't want to ball ourselves up and protect ourselves from everything, for we might be missing out on a great love or opportunity. Learning when to protect ourselves and to what extent is the great lesson.

We decided to make more of these gourd pendants for others that may want to connect with the wisdom of the Armadillo. The are simple, earthy, and rustic.

 The pendants are made from gourd circle disks (symbolic shields) that were shaped and sanded by John. We then paint them different subtle color combinations allowing one to choose the color the resonates with them. The backs of the shields are painted black. A small silhouette of the armadillo is painted on them and our signatures underneath. This way, at any time that you need to remind yourself of the wisdom, you can just flip the shield over to see the armadillo. Small gemstones and glass beads adorn the shields to represent the richness of our spirits. They are strung on leather cord, vintage style copper, or bronze finish chains that have a rustic look, creating a unique earthy piece of jewelry.

I will continue to keep a listing here of available "Armadillo Shields" with links to them in our Etsy Shop where they can be purchased.
Currently these are available:

Green Armadillo Shield Symbolic Totem Gourd Necklace

 Copper Armadillo Shield Symbolic Totem Gourd Necklace

Shades of Purple Armadillo Shield Gourd Pendant on Etsy

Purple Armadillo Shield Symbolic Gourd Necklace with Blue Shells

 Blue Armadillo Shield Symbolic Totem Gourd Necklace

 Deep Blue Armadillo Shield Symbolic Totem Gourd Necklace

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