Friday, December 31, 2010

Turning the Pages with Anticipation

The beginning of 2011 is just mere hours away. Deciding how to welcome it in is probably just as important as how we live it. As I let the slide show run through my mind of the year's progress, I think of how events unfolded and my perceptions of those events. Some of those memories are beautiful and happy, and others sad and weary. Though I choose not to let the more negative ones weigh on me, clouding my judgement, because it's all about the journey isn't it? These are the things that make us who we are. Life is messy. Life is unpredictable. And, Life is the ultimate schoolroom. How we perceive the event, decides who we are.
I accept that I cannot control the things around me, but I can control how I react to those things. I strive for my dreams and have the ultimate faith that my dreams will be realized. How I get there...that is part of the story that keeps me sitting on the edge of my seat, turning the pages with anticipation. 
My wish for myself and those around me is that we create a beautiful story together, and that as the pages turn we feel fulfilled, supported, inspired, joyful, and complete. That our wants and needs  are always met by the infinite energy of the Universe, and that we have fun getting there on the journey.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Animal Totem Wisdom

It's always amazing to me what we learn from one another, not only from human to human, but also from animal to human. For as long as I can remember, animals were significant in my life and as I grew older and studied more about them, I became more fully aware of how relevant this study was.
I personally believe that there is much wisdom to be learned from the animal kingdom, because of their purity. They are not clouded by so many of the hurdles that we place on ourselves through life, such as low self esteem, or building walls around ourselves to protect our feelings. They are of pure heart and represent this wonderful Circle of Life that we are all a part of.
Knowing your life-long totem is like having an added perspective. When you are in the midst of confusion, trying to make sense of an issue, often you can look to your animals totem's attributes and gain another perspective to view the situation in. That other perspective can be very helpful to us in our personal growth.
Totem meanings may vary slightly from culture to culture, but they can all have somewhat universal meanings if you are deriving them from learning about the animals social and living skills.
As an added bonus, we can have transitional totems. Transitional totems appear when we going through life changes, such as a marriage, a career change, a birth, etc. Transitional totems are prevalent for a short time while we go through our changes.

I recently revised a small guidebook on the meaning of some of the more popular animal totems, called "Animal Totems in our Daily Lives". It is a good introduction to Animal Totems, what they mean to us, life long totems, transitional totems, and symbolism. The guidebook is helpful to carry with you when you are out and about for a quick glance at meanings. And of course, the more you become familiar with totems I encourage you to study further.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Power of Words and Laws of Attraction

The energy we put out to the Universe, in our Words or in our Thoughts, is the energy that is returned to us. When we exude positive energy, this is what is returned. The power of our thoughts and words is important to manage,not only for the continual flow we are manifesting, but also for our own well-being.

With a new year coming, it is a very important part of this process that is often overlooked is the ability to use affirmations to succeed in making their dreams come true.

An affirmation is stating that something is true. You are affirming that the possibility is reality. (One of the first steps in manifesting your desires)

After you have spent time deciding what it is you want to make a reality, writing affirmations can be a useful tool. It can help remind you of your goals and keep a positive attitude.
When writing your affirmations,  keep them in the present tense. Use words such as "am", "have", "attract", and "is".  Make sure you aren't using words like "hope", which suggests that you aren't positive the change will happen.

Writing your affirmations and keeping them visible in your home,or repeating them, helps to condition the subconscious, who's fear can sometimes sabotage our efforts.

"I know that Healing is taking place in my body"
" Financial riches flow freely to me"
' I attract only loving, positive, and supportive people to my life"


Happy thoughts everybody !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Legend of the Burden Basket

The Legend of the Burden Basket

"Native American women carried cone-shaped baskets for collecting wild berries, roots and other food items. When they would return home, they would take the basket from their back, and hang it at the entrance of their dwelling...literally laying their burdens down for the night before entering the home.
Smaller burden baskets have been made to symbolize this...for you, your family, and friends to "Leave your worries at the door."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visiting Our Spirit Place

It's been long over due and sorely missed, but this afternoon we finally were able to return to our Spirit Place...the place where we have pulled off on many afternoons in days gone by...a place where we have rejoiced after visits with friends...a place where John proposed to me...a place where we feel totally connected with something bigger than ourselves.

A serene place along the Broad River and nestled in the mountains near Chimney Rock, is our place. As we park and head toward the water, our hearts beat a little faster, knowing that soon we will find complete peace. After a few minutes of carefully negotiating your footsteps down the paths, the arrival at the river welcomes us with sunshine and the first thing I want to do....lay my hand on the rocks and say hello to our old friend.

It's here that we take the biggest breath of relief in the past few months. That we release our worries, even if momentarily, and allow our beings to relax in the knowing. We watch a pair of crows that are diligently working on building their nest, and relate to them as we quietly watch their movements.

They fly high over our heads back and forth and pay us humans no attention as they focus on their task, maybe reminding us to do the same.
We walk a bit over the large rocks and boulders, each step taken in reverence, at the beauty that surrounds us. Few words are spoken on this trip, they aren't needed. It's here that we remember who we are with one another and enjoy the peace that is emanating between us.
The waters are clean and cool, cleansing for the body and soul. John drinks from the river and meditates briefly while I am pulled to go explore.

As I head the other way I feel pulled to a quiet place where I feel the presence of a bear. No, I do not see him, but feel him in the woods on the other side of the river, watching us two-legged ones with interest. With my camera in tow, I take a few shots of the water that just glistens with sparkles of light dancing along the top and I think of the old Cherokee stories of the wee ones and where they may be hiding.
Soon we feel it's time to leave our spot. We have been here long enough, are replenished with balance, and it's time to give it back to those that live here.  So grateful for the day, beautiful and warm.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Best Part of Being an Artist

Waking up at 4am this morning, is my prodding to write before I start my day. Sometimes it may be a poem, a short story, a blog post, or part of the book that I am writing that seems as if it is taking forever. I love this part of the day, when everything is quiet and you feel as if you are all alone in the universe, except for the gentle stirrings of life nearby..the birds rustling in the trees, a lone car going down the road. This morning the rain is the only thing that is awake, gently pattering on the roof and bringing a chill to the mountain.
As I make my tea, I think about the creations I am going to work on today in getting ready for this weekend's show. And although most everyday is filled with the passion of Art which I dearly love, I know that I work harder and longer every day than I did when I worked  the typical 9-5. The difference with doing something you are in love with and just working the "job"...I don't get burned out. The creative flow is continual, which makes me yearn for more hours in the day. But if asked, "What is your favorite part of being an artist?" my reply would be sharing it, watching and listening to those that view it. I love to stand off to the side and watch and listen to how people engage with it, what is makes them feel, what it makes them remember. A silent conversation that  goes on between us, a part of my soul communicating with a part of yours.
When I create my art dolls, I want them to speak to you, to tell you their own story. Their facial expressions are what people connect with.

It doesn't matter, man or woman, young or old, I am connecting with you on the most vulnerable level of me.
And while I am focused on the visual aspects, John's  primary medium is through his Native Flute music which is so absolutely beautiful. The biggest joy, playing music for the children and watching their smiles.

These are the things that connect us as humans, the stories, the laughter, the understanding of one another. This is what lets me know that it is indeed possible to be at peace with one another and leave our baggage and separatism at the door. This is why I love being an artist.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Love our home

Oh these Blue Ridge Mountains...hello old friend. We have missed you so. We have traveled long and far and our weary souls could feel ourselves getting nearer to your beauty and magical embrace.

In all of my life, I don't think that I have ever truly lived in such a place that could just make my heart sing the way these mountains can. We are so blessed to know this land, to smell their mountain breezes, to feel the warmth of the sun through the tree tops.

Your morning mists hold stories from long ago that we cherish and still tell to this day. The perfect place to hold a remembrance of the past while looking to the future, a remarkable balance in the circle of life.

Sometimes in life we have to go away in order to find ourselves, to understand ourselves. And I am thankful that the journey has led us  back to you.
It is so good to be home, and even though we have so much work to do to re-establish,  just stepping outside and being here...right here....I know that everything is as it should be.
We are blessed to know a love like this.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Power Shopping for Art

Our last day at the Artisan Market in Grants Pass was yesterday. The weather was great and attendance even better. Lots of people downtown with the combination of the Artisan Market, the Grower's Market, and Art Along the Rogue's Chalk Art festivities.
So many of our friends came by to see us before we leave and lots of hugging exchanged.Sales were up nicely yesterday.

Our morning started out with a visit from our friends Heidi and Don.
Don adopted my "Stargatherer" painting,

 but when I wrapped it and slid it into the shopping bag, he asked me if I had a bag that was a little more manly.

I reassured him that the bag would in no way take away from his manliness....

We were blessed with the many friendly faces that came to see us... the art card swap with Heidi, a cd from Key of Three,  a touching gift from Kim, seashells and goodies from Darla, and so many hugs and well wishes for us.. too many to list.
Thank you all for seeing us off and many many blessings to you everyone.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Spreading the Love and Sharing the Art in September

September is a busy time doing shows for me and John. Tomorrow morning we will be up at 5am to head off to the Artisan Market, which is the only market day we will be doing in Grants Pass this month.
The following week, Sept. 10th, 11th, and 12th, we will be traveling up to Winston Oregon to do their 42nd Annual Festival for three days. This one has long days and we will have to set up lights in our booth because the first two days of the show run until 9pm.
Then on Sept. 18th and 19th we travel on to Bend, Oregon to do that thing that we do at the Bend Fall Festival.
And finally, the last weekend of the month we will be in Prospect Oregon at the Music on the Mountain Festival for two days.

This will definitely be a month of working non stop, creating in between the shows AND preparing for the big move in October. But, that's what it's all about, right? Spreading the love and Sharing the's what we love...

And if need be, I'll let John take naps in the back of the  booth if he gets too tired...  ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting Ready for the Shady Cove River Art Walk

This week has been filled with nights up until 3 or 4am, trying to get some pieces finished before the Shady Cove Show. As I finish them, they get packed away in their traveling bins.

This afternoon I finished the Kachina Gourd that I have been working on along with a bunch of new animal totems.. The Kachina Gourd is 10 inches in diameter and 13 inches tall...

But, there's lots more to do before Friday afternoon....

Monday, July 19, 2010

John's Gems

John has been back at work on his jewlery, this week with bracelets. He tries to offer a variety of sizes, including those for the larger wrist which are sometimes difficult to find. Many of his designs are unisex, but soon you will be seeing a special assortment specifically for Men.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Charlei The Spirit Beat Drummer

Charlei the Spirit Beat Drummer

Charlei is one of the Spirit Beat Clan. Traveling the world and popping in on Drum Circles is her passion. She loves to help others in learning the different beats that can be used, and teaching the benefits of the drumming to all. When Charlei is near, you can always hear the faint heartbeat of her drum, reminding you of the old ways, the earth ways, the connection with Spirit and each other.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am but One Woman...

While watching the telethon this evening to raise funds for the Gulf Oil Spill.....

"I am but One Woman
who's mind races to find the answers,
who's heart  feels larger than the sun, And
who's spirit embraces every fragile being.
This Wounded Warrior that resides in my soul
grieves at the news of sadness,
weeps when she sees the tears, And
mourns when she can't rush to hold the hand or soothe the pain.
I am but One Woman
tucked away in my corner of the world
Feeling helpless in the very little bits that I can do.

But..I can paint the healing I wish for the world,
I can sculpt that which I wish to create,
I can pray that Spirit will heal the delicate, And
I can help illuminate by sharing and joining in the collective of like minds who cherish this Earth we live upon.
I am but One Woman
who knows when we join hands... that we can and do... change the world.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art for Wildlife Images

Recently we were commissioned by Wildlife Images, a wonderful non-profit organization that rehabs  animals,  to create some pieces that focused on the animals that they help for their gallery.
Here are just a few samples of the work that was designed. We encourage you to visit and support  Wildlife Images if you are near the area.

Inspiration for Today

Honor the Sacred.

Honor the Earth, our Mother.

Honor the Elders.

Honor all with whom we

share the Earth:-

Four-leggeds, two-leggeds,

winged ones,

Swimmers, crawlers,

plant and rock people.

Walk in balance and beauty.

Native American Elder

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art for the Wildlife of the Gulf Oil Spill

"I am deeply concerned for the wildlife that is currently, and who will be in the future ,effected by the Gulf Oil

Spill. In my effort to do something to try and help, I have created Animal Totem Stones of some of the partiuclar animals that may suffer from this spill. Proceeds from the sale of these totem stones will be sent to the National Wildlife Federation to assist in their efforts.As individuals our efforts may seem small, but when we join together we can make great strides."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conscious Art Studios ~ Green Business

Conscious Art Studios is a member of the Green Business Association.

We attempt to help our planet, personally and in our Art Studio  by :

Supporting Local Growers and Markets
Reuse and Recycle, ~ especially in creating the Wisdom Keepers Art Dolls
Energy efficient  light bulbs
Conserve Energy  - electrical products off and/or unplugged when not in use
Water Conservation
Non-toxic paints  and other art supplies from Eco-Friendly Art Suppliers
Email marketing to replace paper mailing lists
Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies from Seventh Generation
Using our own grocery totes when shopping
Buying Dairy and Meat Products with no hormones
Using fibers from local Lllama and Sheep Farmers
Buy Organic
Paper not Plastic Packaging for our customers

Conscious Art Studios Website

Some of you communicate with us through Facebook, Blogs, or Email, but if you haven' t visited the Conscious Art Studios website recently, you should have a look. Lots of updating and new looks.

*There is an Art Specials page where every couple of weeks I post a few pieces of Art at great buy prices. *Windscape 3 also has a page on the site where you can find upcoming performing dates and hear song samples.
*Updated links on the About Us page where you can find links to things we love
*Video of the Cherokee Fire Story by John
*Updates on Art Offerings
and of course more. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who support us, some of you for a very long time. Without your inspiration, we wouldn't be doing the things that we love with such vitality and passion.
Many many Blessings to all of you that support Conscious Art Studios. 

Saturday Art Market

Finally the warm weather is arriving and the sun is shining, and now the Artisan Market has started up again for this year's season. Most Saturdays, unless we are showing at another show or festival, you can find our Art at the Grants Pass Artisan's Market from 9am - 1pm.

John's Flute Music Endeavours

If you haven't come out to hear John perform recently, you might not be aware that he is in a new band called Windscape 3.

 Windscape 3 offers an eclectic, jazzy, folk and world beat blend of original music and songs. With tribal jazz pieces in an acoustical setting they use modern and ancient world instruments to create that "feel good" ambience in most every setting.

They will be having a CD release in June 2010.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Touch Drawing Workshop ~ Drawing Out the Soul

On June 5th, I  will be facilitating a Touch Drawing workshop, one of the most beautiful and expressive art techniques I have found. Touch Drawing has endless applications as a tool for therapy, creativity, and spiritual awareness. Many use this inspiring technique in art workshops, spiritual enhancement workshops , or in environments such as hospice, domestic violence support , cancer patient support and other similar areas in need of emotional and spiritual expression.

Jeanne's Sessions are guided by music and voice, creating a relaxing yet inspiring space for realizing your creative potential. This is an excellent method to use especially for writers and artists who may feel blockages, creating a new outlet.

No artistic experience is required. This is a creative expressive art form that can be used for virtually any age, and for people with no art experience to the most advanced artist.

Only 10 spaces available
You can read more about Touch Drawing and register for the workshop at our website ~

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Art for Healing ~ A Look at Hope for our Lifetime"

On May 7th, Jeanne will begin showing her new series of paintings named
"Art for Healing ~ A Look at Hope for our Lifetime".
Faced with her own health challenges since the age of four ,which are becoming more pronounced at an older age, she finds herself a "statistic" in the current healthcare challenges in our country. During this process, she has found she needs to draw upon her own inner strength and spirituality for a state of "soulful" well-being.
The paintings began when she found the need to surround herself with the vibrancy of inspiring images and colorwork that were dear to her own heart.

Jeanne will officially be showing the series during the First Friday in Ashland event on May 7th at the Mystic Trading Company. Between now and that time, I invite lovers of art and those that support healing the complete being, to enter into a contest.
Send me a submission, of 200 words of less, about yourself or someone dear to you that is facing a health challenge and how you support and inspire them through the process. The winner of the contest will receive a smaller version of one of the paintings in the series.
You can enter your submission in a comment to this post here on my blog OR become a fan of Conscious Art Studios on Facebook and respond to the thread there.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hummingbird Medicine - Animal Totem

This beautiful bird packs a lot of energy into it's little body. He is skillful in flight, very agile and even able to fly backwards. His quickness reminds us to take advantage of life while we can and enjoy every minute of it. Seize the moment !

They feed on the nectar of flowers and insects, taking in numerous small meals in a day. (This is sometimes a reminder to those that are hypoglycemic - to eat small meals throughout the day regularly. )They hibernate at night to reserve the energy they took in, showing you the need for deep, restful, healing sleep at night.

This little winged one brings us beauty, and the lesson to appreciate and share it. It tells us that anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Animal Totems

In many cultures, it is believed that there are valuable lessons that can be learned from the animals. By studying their mannerisms and the ways in which they live and survive, many times those lessons can be applied to our own lives.

I have found after studying animals social behaviors that frequently the lessons that the animal can give, often apply to a current situation that I am experiencing.

I was taught by an elder a long time ago, that we have one animal totem throughout our life, and several other totems will come in and out during transformational periods.

Do you know your animal totem? How can you find out?

Tomorrow I will begin to discuss that, and spend some time each day for the next few weeks talking about several different animals and their meanings.

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