Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Art for Healing ~ A Look at Hope for our Lifetime"

On May 7th, Jeanne will begin showing her new series of paintings named
"Art for Healing ~ A Look at Hope for our Lifetime".
Faced with her own health challenges since the age of four ,which are becoming more pronounced at an older age, she finds herself a "statistic" in the current healthcare challenges in our country. During this process, she has found she needs to draw upon her own inner strength and spirituality for a state of "soulful" well-being.
The paintings began when she found the need to surround herself with the vibrancy of inspiring images and colorwork that were dear to her own heart.

Jeanne will officially be showing the series during the First Friday in Ashland event on May 7th at the Mystic Trading Company. Between now and that time, I invite lovers of art and those that support healing the complete being, to enter into a contest.
Send me a submission, of 200 words of less, about yourself or someone dear to you that is facing a health challenge and how you support and inspire them through the process. The winner of the contest will receive a smaller version of one of the paintings in the series.
You can enter your submission in a comment to this post here on my blog OR become a fan of Conscious Art Studios on Facebook and respond to the thread there.

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