Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beaver Totem Meaning ~ Architect of Life

I often hear complaints about beavers being a nuisance, but there is much to learn from the Beaver Totem. The Beaver is a great builder. They build their "lodges" in water, and if a pond is not accessible they will build a dam to create one. Not only does this serve their living needs, but is also a source of protection. They will store their food there and use the water to move their building materials. 
Beaver Totem Architect of Life, Original Painted Greeting Card by Jeanne Fry

When building their lodge they use mud and leaves as an insulation for winter. (Much like we humans use natural cob building techniques, their mud, leaves, and sticks will harden and freeze creating a solid structure for the cold winter months). They build canals, have places for food storage, and their lodges all become an intricate little "city" for their community.
It speaks to us about building what you need in life, creating your home, and providing for your future.They are considered an Architect of Life.

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Crow Totem Symbolism on Contemplation

To expand on my earlier writing of the Crow Totem meaning, I wanted to get a little more in depth on some of his lessons. 
Crow Flowers ~ Contemplation ~ Contemporary Folk Art by Jeanne Fry
While the Crow is excellent at manifesting his desires, and has wonderful attributes to do so (vocal communication skills, use of tools, and working as a team when needed), there is more complexity to his journey. With those things in mind we should take the time to notice that Crow does not just jump into things without studying the situation. He is observant, a watchman, and carefully assesses the matter at hand. He is a thoughtful decision maker and contemplates his next move.
Can he attain the goal on his own? Does he need help? Is this the right moment to make movement?
While we all want to chase after our dreams and seize the moment, it is always wise to put some serious thought into our strategy.
 Once he has considered his potential actions, he proceeds with confidence. He does not allow procrastination or fear to cloud his path, but instead trusts in himself and his community of friends.

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Rabbit Totem Meaning - Leap for Your Dreams

One of the most precious totems to work with, along with many lessons, is the Rabbit Totem. Rabbits are immediately known for a fertility in life. This fertility is associated with a multitude of opportunities, open doors, and many paths to be taken. Not only known for the abundance of opportunities afforded by the Universe, but also for the abundance of ways to get there. 
"Leap for Your Dreams" Rabbit Totem, Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

Rabbits are agile, move quickly, stop quickly, and when watching could move through an obstacle course with ease as if it had been planned all along. This is a lesson from them....when navigating through life, always have an alternate plan, be observant for the open doors, keep in mind that you must stay flexible and...Leap for Your Dreams.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Luna's Elemental Infusion Abstract Mixed Media

Luna's Elemental Infusion is a new Abstract Mixed Media piece I created. I was inspired to bring forth how all things are connected and affect each other, the richness of life and every component.
The painting is rich in layers on a Birch Wood Panel that is mounted on a Pine Cradle.
Luna's Elemental Infusion, Abstract Mixed Media by Jeanne Fry

I began with acrylics and then applied fiber medium and crackle additives. The predominent colors are burnt umber and a sea green turquoise, representing earth, water, and sky. An Indian Yellow Amber is subtly added in to symbolize the warmth of the sun.  A Luna Moth is fluttering above, in mint green and silver with purple dripping to assimilate its air quality. Metal embellishments are attached, bringing a production of the Earth. A dried botanical is attached for the cycles of life. A sprig of fern is painted into the bottom corner for new life.
Luna's Elemental Infusion, simply put, to represent Life and the elements that surround us, providing a rich nourishment to our being.

Robin Totem Meaning Blossoming of the Spirit

Recently a few conversations have come up with friends about the beautiful Robin totem and the symbolic meaning. Having a great respect for the winged ones, I connected with the animal spirit last night while painting him. 
Robin Totem ~ Blossoming of the Spirit ~ Original Painting Greeting Card by Jeanne Fry

The Robin, who is so prevalent in Spring, will of course be representative of new growth and blossoms. The Robin's breast is a beautiful blend of red and shades of orange, which correlate with the root and sacral chakras which speak of stability, grounding, passion, and creativity. This is a wonderful blend for those that are learning to truly become who they are and to follow a path that speaks to their innermost passions. The stability that comes from the root chakra helps to provide a balance while immersed in a creative flow, preventing an obsessive nature and allowing one to go forth calmly and methodically while they are learning to live their dreams. 
During this journey, we can also take into consideration the Robin's eggs. The eggs are a sweet and soothing blue. The blue is symbolic of the throat chakra energy, learning to use our voice, to be able to speak our wants and needs clearly. This of course is a wonderful attribute to use when one is learning to follow their own true nature. 
Robin Totem ~ Blossoming of the Spirit by Jeanne Fry

All of these elements combined in the Robin Totem (level-headedness, balance, inspiration, passion, creativity, and using the voice with integrity), can teach us how to follow the path to what we are meant to do and be. It is a Blossoming of the Spirit.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bear Totem Medicine Wheel, Illustrative Painting and Symbolism

The "Bear Totem Medicine Wheel" is an illustrative original painting, created with acrylics on a birch wood panel that is mounted on a pine cradle. It represents the sacred journey of Strength and Healing. The painting is rich in detail and symbolism. Upon the earthy layered background of raw sienna, honey brown, and turquoise, is a large medicine wheel. The colors on the medicine wheel are red, yellow, white, and black with a small turquoise center. There are 4 feathers painted hanging from the bottom of the medicine wheel, and a tie at each direction each of which is embellished with silver tin cones.
Bear Totem Medicine Wheel, Illustrative Folk Painting by Jeanne Fry

The Bear Totem is the focus of the medicine wheel's energy, for Strength and Healing. One large black bear is resting in a most comfortable sleep in the bottom of the wheel, symbolizing comfort, relaxation, and restorative rest. Above him are 7 black bears walking the outer rim of the medicine wheel with a tree of life and abundance between each. Within the center of the wheel are 13 (power symbol)  smaller black bears, all walking the journey, helping one another, encouraging strength amongst themselves and promoting a healing journey.

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Bear Totem Medicine Wheel Art Print

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Appreciation for the Opossum Totem and Its Meaning

When I do my Animal Totem Art, each painting begins with an intuition. I listen for messages and the wisdom that the animals teach. Each one comes in their own time, better said "when they are supposed to arrive". This is what happened with the Opossum Totem. 
The Many Faces of the Opossum, Contemporary Folk Art by Jeanne Fry

I had never really given much thought to the Opossum. I rarely see them, except for a brief glimpse here and there when the night sky has pulled its shade down. Now that Spring is arriving, I am beginning to see them again. After three days of seeing them, I had this great pull to paint the Opossum and study on his living skills. Everything other "work in progress" in my studio had to be put aside to make way for this new totem to come to the canvas.
In the past I hadn't much affection for the opossum. So many times you see them hissing and a bit never gave me much of a warm and fuzzy feeling. Although now I have to say, with a better understanding of how they live and their symbolism, I have a new appreciation for the wisdom that they can teach.
Opossums have a relatively short life span of two to four years. As the only marsupial  in North America, within their pouch exists 13 nipples for their young. The gestation for the opossum babies is a brief two weeks before they are born. While the litter may be upwards of 20 or so, only 13 will survive, since there are 13 nipples for nourishment. 
The Opossum Medicine teaches one to use "faces" for survival. Sometimes one may need to be aggressive in a situation, other times they may need to be passive. They are a supreme actor, using whatever face may be needed. And of course they are famous for their great act of "playing dead". The skills of changing the persona in any given situation is linked to their survival in the short life that they have. It's a complete using of all of the layers in one's personality while here on this Earth. And when we think about it, isn't that what we all do? Don't we all have to pull up a courage from deep within to face our challenges? I learned to appreciate the strength and diversity in this creature's fragile existence.
Close up view of the Opossum Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

Last night the urge pulled hard to bring him to canvas. I wanted to portray the delicate nature of the opossum, the beauty that it can carry, and the wisdom it possesses. 
In the painting I created the Opossum resting on a tree branch under the shine from the moon. The branches that surround him have a moon glow...each branch having 13 leaves to represent the 13 nipples of nourishment they carry. His paw prints are shown in the moon, representing the wisdom from this nocturnal animal. My hope was to bring a "sweetness" to his persona that others may not always associate with him. The sweetness comes from an understanding of the road he travels.

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Opossum Original Painting on Etsy 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Artists Day Off with Horse Totem Wisdom and a Gourd Farm

Sometimes you just need a day off, a chance to get away from the grind...the appointments...and let your mind relax in a different space. This is especially important for an artist. Those outdoor excursions are often just what is needed for a breath of fresh air and inspiration.
A trip to Ghost Creek Gourd Farm

This morning as the coffee was brewing and the dog was impatiently pacing, waiting for a bit of something different, we decided to take a trip to the gourd farm. We were already in need of some new gourd stock for our art. We always prefer picking our own gourds at the farm rather than ordering them. This gives us a chance to envision a piece of art in its raw state before we even get it home. 
Packing our coffee and tea cups, the dog, dog treats, bottles of water, bins for the gourds, and don't forget the boots since it's been raining at the farm...we started out. 
Halfway there we needed to stop at a little farm along the way to say good morning to the horses, who quickly come running to see you when they recognize an animal lovers heart. After  a quick conversation with them and a few dog kisses, we were back on the road to the multitude of gourds waiting for us.
Stopping to say hello to the horses
Horse Totem Reminder
The visit with the horses was timely Horse Totem wisdom for us, reminding us to explore our freedoms and expand our horizons while traveling on our journey.
I spent the rest of the drive sipping my tea and watching the tree silhouettes zipping by, thinking about....well, thinking about everything. Art, Life, Pain, Healing, Joy, and Directions. All these things filled my mind until after awhile, finally, all I thought of was "right now". Quietly my mind became passive and open, like a big huge field lying in front of the horse who is waiting for the signal to 
"Be Free". 

Soon I heard the gravel crunching under the tires as we slowly turned down the road to the farm. Off to the side you could see the fields filled with the year's promise of gourds that are just waiting to be transformed by loving hands.
Gourd Drying in the Field
Gourds waiting to be brought into the Pole Barns
Ghost Creek Gourd Farm
We made our way into the pole barns where Dickie and Linda have bins upon bins lined up and full of cleaned and dried gourds of every imaginable type. With our big reusable bags and empty bins we began choosing gourds for our art...precious supplies for making our frame drums, gourd rattles, bowls, vessels, jewelry, and figurative sculptures. We were assisted greatly by their dogs especially their beautiful male weimaraner who kisses and plays with you with each step you take. 

With bags and bins full, and inspirations brimming to a new level, we loaded back into the car for the trip home.
Gourd Shopping Done
What was my greatest gift of all from the trip?  

Have a gorgeous day everyone ! And remember, sometimes you just need to take a day off to recharge your batteries :)

(If you are wanting to visit a Gourd Farm in the Southeast, our recommendation is Ghost Creek Gourd Farm.) You can visit their website here
They also sell their gourds from their website.

And to see some of our own creations from Gourds you can visit our website at

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fox Totem Illustrative Painting and Symbolic Meaning

The Fox Totem has many lessons to teach. Recently when thinking on the fox I pondered the ways we could learn from his skills in how we walk through life. 
There are times when situations call for us to change our outward energy. 
Fox can teach us the Art of Subtlety. 
Fox Totem Painting titled Subtlety, a Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

There are moments when we need to blend into our environment, perhaps for protection, or in order to see and hear what we might not be so obvious. Some may think this is a form of hiding or tricking...but a change of perspective may be needed in order to see the positive from this attribute. Being subtle or blending in, can give the opportunity to be more aware in a situation. It gives you time to make a more educated decision. 
When the time is right, you can re-emerge with a little more confidence and "enchant".

Fox Totem Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Buffalo Totem Painting "Sacredness" and the Symbolic Meaning

When thinking on the symbolic meaning of the Buffalo Totem, I immediately get a feeling of reverence that comes over me. The Buffalo carries with it an older wisdom of another time, to me representing a perfectly flowing circle of life. It is commonly known to be symbolic for abundance, but it goes a bit deeper. 
"Sacredness" Buffalo Totem Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

The Buffalo teaches us about honor...honoring Self, Others, and the Divine. Within this scope, the importance of living authentically and making our choices from the heart combined with gratefulness for all that surrounds us, will give us the ability to manifest what we want and need.
Being in balance with ourselves and the Earth, and  treating each living thing with deep respect can put us in a beautiful direct flow of the abundance of the Universe.
What a gorgeous animal totem to work with !

"Sacredness" Buffalo Totem Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

The Original Painting has sold.
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Symbolism and Philosophy of the Heron Totem Gathering

Herons are part of the animal totem kingdom that hold a special place in my heart. I embrace them for their ability to hold such beautiful balance and grace, especially because they can do so within the various elements of Water, Earth and Air. This diversity in their skills is representative of the person who is talented at many things. 
The Philosophy of the Heron Totem Gathering, Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

They have an air of Independence, with a courage to follow their own heart, knowing where they want to go and how they want to get there. They do so with grace, easily adapting to circumstances. The Heron is a wonderful totem to have when one is going through transformations in life, as they can teach courage with grace on life's journey.
This weekend I finished a painting called "The Philosophy of the Heron Gathering". In the painting there are four  herons (for the 4 directions)  wading in the rich blue waters. Three of the herons are facing in the same direction. One of the herons has decided to go in the other direction. He is following his heart. 
"Be Confident....Be Unique....and do so with Grace"

The Philosophy of the Heron Totem Gathering by Jeanne Fry

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