Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rabbit Totem Meaning - Leap for Your Dreams

One of the most precious totems to work with, along with many lessons, is the Rabbit Totem. Rabbits are immediately known for a fertility in life. This fertility is associated with a multitude of opportunities, open doors, and many paths to be taken. Not only known for the abundance of opportunities afforded by the Universe, but also for the abundance of ways to get there. 
"Leap for Your Dreams" Rabbit Totem, Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

Rabbits are agile, move quickly, stop quickly, and when watching could move through an obstacle course with ease as if it had been planned all along. This is a lesson from them....when navigating through life, always have an alternate plan, be observant for the open doors, keep in mind that you must stay flexible and...Leap for Your Dreams.

The Original of this painting has sold. It will be available as an Art Print soon in our Artfire Shop here

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