Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Releasing, a Portrayal of Women's Empowerment

Finally, when the world slowed down for a minute, she was able to able to hear the whispers from her Soul. It had been speaking to her for a long while, although she hadn't been listening.
She also realized that even if she had been listening, she wouldn't have understood it before now.
There is a time and place for everything, but now was her moment of Letting Go.

Letting go...of the rigid standards she had placed on herself, allowing the need for perfection and the suitcase of guilt to fall away.
Letting go...of the worn out patterns that seemed to follow her, even though she thought she had healed them.
Letting go...of the Fears that once held her back, the illusion of being stuck.
This was her Releasing, and its energy flowed with such a loving Ease. She had nothing else to lose, this was her time to finally, finally be who she was always meant to be....and this time....her spirit was her highest priority.

She is listed in our Etsy shop, where you can also read a bit more about the painting's symbolism. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

White Swan Symolism in an Affirmation Gourd Art Bowl

As we grow and change over the years the concept of Self Love becomes richer, deeper, and more authentic. While we have always known the importance of caring for ourselves and spent time grooming our self esteem, it often wasn't to its full potential. Those years of exploring life (developing relationships, marriages, divorces, having children, building careers)  are the layers of wisdom that we accrue that teach us what we are made of. Venturing through our life's lessons gives us a peak inside our soul to truly see our own authenticity. It is then that we can see the Beauty of our existence, and upon that realization we open ourselves and allow our vulnerable spirit to shine for others. We don't need to fear that openness, because just as our souls seem to have the delicacy of a feather ...they are also strong as steel. We can stand in our convictions and move through life with Grace. This space is our Personal Power, and it in itself is paradise. 
This is the wisdom that the White Swan teaches.

This weekend I created the White Swan Gourd Affirmation Bowl from the Earth's beauty of the Gourd. The bowl was meant to hold positive self love affirmations, treasures whispers of wisdom, so that on those days when you are feeling less than Beautiful and Powerful you can pull out an affirmation to meditate and focus on for the day.
I wrote three affirmations on handmade paper and have included them inside the vessel. You can then add more affirming quotes so that it filled to the rim with pick-me-ups for your Spirit. 


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