Friday, September 6, 2013

Animal Totem Ornaments from Gourd and Wood

Well, my favorite time of year is coming up...Autumn, and a whole new set of inspirations begin to fill my heart. I love the crisp mornings, the new seasonal foods, apple cider, sweet breads, and the colors...oh the COLORS ! Of course as we all begin to enjoy the season and that "nesting" feeling starts to set in, we have thoughts for the holidays. 
Now is the time I start making some seasonal pieces, and especially ornaments. Since I like to work with natural elements, I create on primarily wood and gourd. Being in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I decorate with a woodland theme, and animal totems are rampant in my work. For those of you who have some of my decorations, you know the ornaments go fast. I have a little collection available now and wanted to share them with you, as I can't guarantee how many I will be doing this season.
Animal Totem Ornaments on Gourd and Wood by Jeanne Fry
You are welcome to message me requests for specific animal totems. Available now are: Lizard, Owl, Crow, Bear, Raccoon, Eagle, and Moose.

You can find them in our Artfire Shop in the "Animal Totem Ornament" category. You can follow the link here

Monday, September 2, 2013

Art Sale for Labor Day on Contemporary Folk Art

Since our Saturday Art Show got rained out, with vendors scattering hurriedly to their vehicles...we are having a Labor Day Art Sale in our Artfire Shop on Monday and Tuesday (September 2nd and 3rd).
We are offering 30% Off ALL of our listed Art - Original Paintings, Art Prints, Gourd Art Bowls, Gourd Rattles, Clay Shakers, Shrines, Original Painting Greeting Cards, Painted Bookmarks, Glass Pendants and Earrings, Native Flute Music....everything :) 

Use coupon code LABORDAY30 at checkout for the discount.
Happy Shopping ~ This is a wonderful start for upcoming holiday gifts for those that want to give gifts with symbolic meaning and heart.
You can browse our Artfire Shop here

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Black Bear Totem the Spirit of the Appalachia

When I think of the Appalachia, the Smokey Mountains, and the Blue Ridge there are certain immediate things that rush to mind. While I most certainly have a love of these woodlands and am a mountain girl at heart, I also think of all the beautiful creatures that live among us.
Black Bear Spirit of the Appalachia by Jeanne Fry

 If the Appalachia could have its own animal totem, I think it would be the Black Bear. In my mind, the two are synonymous. These mountains speak to me of going inward, reasoning, personal growth, and strength. They seem to awaken parts of you that you had forgotten, and parts that you didn't even know existed. It is here that many find their own personal power and a clarity in their choices.
And it is with these things that the Black Bear wisdom assists becoming who we truly are.

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