Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lizard Tales ~ Art Blog Giveaway

In celebration of our Facebook page reaching 400 likes, as promised we are having a blog giveaway. Along with the Lizard Totem being the most popular totem on our blog...we are going to be giving away 2 of our pieces of Lizard art. One is a hand painted stone tile that measures 6 inches x 6 inches and has a metal hanger on the back so that it can be displayed as a wall piece or set in a small tabletop easel as I often do. The other piece is a hand painted gourd pendant necklace featured with a Lizard Totem, and embellished with amethyst.

Lizard Totem Stone Tile
Lizard Totem Gourd Pendant Necklace
 To enter into the giveaway, please leave a comment here on this post, and we would love it if you would share our blog - through Facebook or Twitter. We will choose a winner at random on Saturday, November 3rd.
Thank you for supporting us through Facebook and here on our blog.
Happy Halloween and Happy Lizard Totems !

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Bridge Between Earth and Sky, a contemporary folk art series

I have always been fascinated by the elements of the Earth and the Sky, and the blending of the two. Much like our striving for a balance between the physical world and the loftier heights of the ethereal world within ourselves, this is a perfect representation. This walking between both worlds is what has inspired a new series of paintings called "Bridge Between Earth and Sky".
The series will consist of eleven paintings each symbolizing aspects of the Earth, Sky, or both... and the growth that is associated. As each of the paintings are created, I will continue to add them here to this blog post. This series will not be hung at gallery, but will only be shown online.

The Bridge Between Earth and Sky, contemporary folk art painting by Jeanne Fry
 This painting is the focus painting of a new series I am creating called "The Bridge Between Earth and Sky". In the painting, I am expressing the relationship between the Earth and the Sky, in it's contrast and in it's likeness.Much like our striving for a balance between the physical world and the loftier heights of the ethereal world within ourselves, this is a perfect representation. It symbolizes our spiritual sense within our body on an earthly plane, and keeping the balance between the two.
The Bridge Between Earth and Sky Painting on Artfire 

Sky Horse, contemporary folk art by Jeanne Fry
The Sky Horse runs both the Earth and the Sky, able to be in both worlds. He offers a magical journey. Riding swiftly he places dreams inside the stars during the changes of the moon.On those nights when the sky is filled with shooting stars....the dreams are born into reality.
Sky Horse Painting SOLD

Shedding the Past, contemporary folk art by Jeanne Fry
 She changes. She grows. She sheds the past, knowing that she can't move forward while she is burdened with old hurts. She needs room for new growth, space to allow her limbs to reach the vastness of the sky and all of it's possibilities.
Shedding the Past Painting SOLD

Spirit of the Turquoise Cavern, contemporary folk art by Jeanne Fry
Within the turquoise cavern is a spirit, a spirit who infuses light, strength, and healing into each beautiful gem. She works with love,gently blending the rich and earthy turquoise stones with the positive healing aspects of the luminous skies.
Spirit of the Turquoise Cavern Painting SOLD

Waiting for Love, contemporary folk art by Jeanne Fry
She waits....for Love. As she sits on her branch in confidence and faith, she has been manifesting ~ manifesting her true love..her mate...her best friend. She is patient, knowing that in time..all things will come. Until she sees, off in the distance, the arrival of her dream being realized. 
Waiting for Love Painting SOLD

Tree of Abundance, contemporary folk art by Jeanne Fry
The Tree of Abundance, full and healthy, carries a diverse mix of multiple colored leaves which represent the ability of abundance to come to you in many ways. It is a reminder that the Universe has infinite abundance, healing,and prosperity...all at your disposal.
Tree of Abundance Painting SOLD

Please stay tuned to my blog, bookmark this site, and follow this series through to it's completion. I will continue adding the paintings until the series is complete. To see the whole series together on Artfire you can click here The Bridge Between Earth and Sky Series available on Artfire

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seasons of an Artist and Wisdom in a Pumpkin Patch

The inspirations that can  influence an artist's work are varied and diverse, but the change of the seasons is usually a common thread between them. Whether their themes are on nature or not, the environment  can lend a hand in their work by color choice or symbolic perspective.
Pumpkins and Gourds posing at the Pumpkin Farm
My art does is fact focus on nature, the symbolism of the seasons, animal totem meanings, and how all of these things lend to our emotional and spiritual growth as humans. The arrival of Fall is my most loved season and has been since I was a child. The chill in the air, the comfort of a sweater, the embrace of Mother Nature as she splashes the landscape with fiery passionate colors, and the knowing of how important the need to be grateful for soon a quiet, barren, and introspective time will be creeping over the mountain. Fall wraps around my heart reminding me of tradition and family and a closeness of the spirit.
Brilliant Orange of Nature's Bounty
This past weekend we took the day to venture about through Apple Country here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where apple and pumpkin farms and roadside stands are frequent while traveling down the winding roads. A stop at the Cabbage Shack, where yes you guessed it, they sell cabbage. Not the usual run of the mill cabbage that you see in the grocery, but "mountain cabbage" which are large and a rich green with brilliantly full leaves.

At the Cabbage Shack

Mountain Cabbage

Choosing one of them is like choosing one diamond from a mine..they all look wonderful. And while getting a cabbage at The Cabbage Shack may seem like a very mundane me it is getting a gift from the Earth, a gift that was made specifically for the good of my body. You can feel the nutrients through those leaves and at that moment I am present and in tune with listening to my body, it's needs, and our connection with the Earth. The nurturing of my body is almost a meditation for me.

And soon I am drawn further down the road to the pumpkins and the gourds, for what would Fall be without them? Today everyone is out getting pumpkins. Many tourists have come to our little spot in the mountains for this experience, and the choices are many. I of course have recipes running through my mind, because I couldn't imagine just cutting one up, but need to have a my plan is to roast pumpkin seeds, make a pumpkin seed brittle, and to make a Sausage Pumpkin and Sage Casserole.

Choosing my pumpkins

And as you can see, we both have different likes

And of course, this one needed to find it's home with us

Now you may be thinking I have totally veered off topic here...what does this have to do with the seasons of an artist? Well...everything. Because it is about the art of living, the art of being, and the art of connecting with natural elements. When we have mastered this, we have unlimited inspirations in creating  and it allows us to sit at the canvas with our authentic selves. Our ability to make our mundane chores become a grateful meditation, and our appreciation for life in all forms, brings a wider scoped perspective to our artwork.

And while my art always revolves around nature and empowerment, it does change during this season...bringing a different color palette and a different view of ourselves as humans during this season. A deeper richness comes forth, and because I personally resonate with this time of work will come from a deeper place within me. Since Autumn arrived it has reflected this different tone...

Artwork by Jeanne Fry

Happy Fall everyone and I hope you resonate with the magic of the season.

If you are interested in seeing more of my current artwork you can find it in my Artfire Studio here

Original Painting Greeting Cards on Artfire

Original Paintings on Artfire

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Roots Go Deep and Tree Symbolism

Once again I find my spirit being drawn back to the tree who's symbolism is so powerful in my life. I have written and painted many versions of trees, their silhouettes, and the Tree of Life, each time I suppose to recreate my connection with them. In doing so I am reaffirming my honor for what they mean to me. On an immediate level they speak to me of Longevity, their strength in years, their presence on this Earth. Because of their symbolism of Time, it makes me pause and think of their presence through change, watching their environment evolve around them continually yet they continue on their path, every growing and striving for the skies. On a human level I guess it makes me yearn for that ability to diligently stay on my own course through the plethora of bright and stormy days, untouched by the actions of others or the terms of life.
Our Roots Go Deep Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry
Lastly, their symbolism for History inspires me. All that they have seen and endured, making them the beings they are today.
The quote by Kim Novak comes to mind..."Just touching that old tree was truly moving to me because when you touch these trees, you have such a sense of the passage of time, of history. It's like you're touching the essence, the very substance of life."
Tree Symbolism Painting by Jeanne Fry
Thank you for once again allowing me to share how important the Tree and it's symbolism are to me.
If you are interested in this painting you can find it here in my Etsy shop:
Our Roots Go Deep Original Painting on Etsy

Star Spirit and her Blanket of Dreams

The body's need for rest, for a peaceful and restorative sleep, has become more and more prevalent to me the past several months. I know this not only for myself, but for others around me. Be it from stress, worry, health issues, or habit...the lack of the body's healing sleep creeps in and takes hold creating a negative spiral effect in how we walk through our days. When we lose our natural rhythm with the Earth and Sky elements it changes our mood, perspective, health, and communication skills. And when these are altered, so are our Dreams.
Star Spirit and her Blanket of Dreams by Jeanne Fry
This was the inspiration for one of my new paintings, "Star Spirit and her Blanket of Dreams".
"When the sun goes down and the skies begin to dim, the Star Spirit arrives from her little spot in the Universe to perform her most important job. Her fellow star beings and constellations gather around her to emit their twinkling glow as she gently and lovingly unwraps her blanket....the Blanket of Dreams. As she covers the sky with the blanket and smooths it out with her careful brings a sense of comfort to all beings as they are laying their heads down for the night to rest. The blanket brings sweet dreams of love, healing, and aspirations, nurturing our hopes for tomorrow."
Star Spirit and her Blanket of Dreams Folk Art Painting
This painting has been SOLD

Monday, October 8, 2012

Moose Totem Symbolic Meaning

The Moose Totem, one from the animal kingdom that can captivate us in awe, immediately teaches us to not judge a book by it's cover. Because of his large stature and build one would think of them as awkward, but in reality they are quite graceful and adept in their mobility. They have the gift of acclamation and can navigate many types of terrain with skill.
"Moose Medicine" a contemporary folk art painting by Jeanne Fry
They move with ease between land and water, a bridge to both worlds, and their link with the water gives them a strong connection with emotions and cleansing...the ability to relate well with others but to also be content alone.
Moose is a mentor for building confidence, encouraging those to utilize all of their senses and create a diverse skill set for living in the know when to make their presence known and when to be be flexible with changes and learn to work with them...and to live each moment being "aware".
It is an excellent totem for those with careers where they need to exhibit diplomacy, to have the ability to know when to be strong and firm, and when to be more delicate and gentle.
Moose has the ability to understand self and others and how to be flexible on this journey through life.
The "Moose Medicine" painting is available in my Artfire Studio if you would like to learn  more about it. Moose Medicine Painting on Artfire

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seahorse Totem Symbolic Meaning

The Seahorse is a mystical little being, not often seen by most of us, but an intriguing member of the sea kingdom who's beauty and delicate nature can captivate. The seahorse could be known as the "Buddha of the ocean" due to the patience and diligence he expresses. They "live in the present" and are happy staying in their own little section of the sea, content and serene. They feed on foods that float by them, so they can also be found latching on to nearby plants, waiting..eating.."being".

They have a shared responsibility in mating after a very long courtship and ceremonial dances. Time and attention is paid to detail. In fact, their shared responsibility is shown in their reproduction, as the female deposits her eggs in the male seahorse's pouch, and he carries them until they are born.
Seahorse can remind us to slow down, enjoy each moment, and appreciate what we have.
This Original Painted Bookmark of the Seahorse Totem is available in my Etsy shop here
Original Painted Seahorse Bookmark on Etsy

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