Sunday, October 21, 2012

Star Spirit and her Blanket of Dreams

The body's need for rest, for a peaceful and restorative sleep, has become more and more prevalent to me the past several months. I know this not only for myself, but for others around me. Be it from stress, worry, health issues, or habit...the lack of the body's healing sleep creeps in and takes hold creating a negative spiral effect in how we walk through our days. When we lose our natural rhythm with the Earth and Sky elements it changes our mood, perspective, health, and communication skills. And when these are altered, so are our Dreams.
Star Spirit and her Blanket of Dreams by Jeanne Fry
This was the inspiration for one of my new paintings, "Star Spirit and her Blanket of Dreams".
"When the sun goes down and the skies begin to dim, the Star Spirit arrives from her little spot in the Universe to perform her most important job. Her fellow star beings and constellations gather around her to emit their twinkling glow as she gently and lovingly unwraps her blanket....the Blanket of Dreams. As she covers the sky with the blanket and smooths it out with her careful brings a sense of comfort to all beings as they are laying their heads down for the night to rest. The blanket brings sweet dreams of love, healing, and aspirations, nurturing our hopes for tomorrow."
Star Spirit and her Blanket of Dreams Folk Art Painting
This painting has been SOLD

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