Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Symbolism of ~ For Those That Walked Before Us

My latest work is a Mixed Media piece that was inspired by a black and white  postcard that I had picked up over a year ago. I've kept it close in my pile of things treasured for some reason, not really knowing why I was so attracted to it.

Looking at the postcard, I continually asked myself, "Who was she?" "How many came after her?" "Do they keep her traditions alive?" And so finally with an empty canvas staring at me, I began.
I wanted to create a piece that showed the old and the new, the elder and the young one. Bringing the space of time was important to me.

So, the piece began with attaching  a few small torn images of the "ancient ones". Layers of paint in bold colors began to be brought in, with a dripping technique added to represent "Time" passing.
The Crow is added, at first because I saw an outline of him between the layers and paint strokes, and felt he needed to appear...as the Messenger, bringing the lessons and traditions to their future generation. 

The painting of the "young one" was kept in a more sleek and clean area, with light colored tan and cream colors to represent the fresh and new. A few of the paint streaks some down from above her, showing some of old in the new, the carrying of tradition. Next to her are a set of steps that lead back to the old one and their ways, a bond not to be broken.

I suppose that what was so important to me about the piece, was the reminder to keep culture alive, even in this fast paced technical world that exists today.

The original painting is available in our Artfire Studio here For Those That Walked Before Us Painting

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Economic Times that are showing us all what we are made of...

A Shift began occuring two and a half years ago, slowly unraveling things as we knew them. A result of choices that had been made by the few, but impacted everyone in it's path. Our material foundations left on shaky grounds, encompassed us in fear. Some needed only make a few small adjustments, while others were severely impacted. Either way, I don't know one person that hasn't been effected.
The Dominos began to fall.

In it's wake I have watched so many people, of varying statures, fall. Losing homes, cars, jobs, self esteem, ambition, and their sense of Self. People have become frustrated and angry, placing themselves inside a bubble. At a time when we all need one another to lift our communities back up, I find many  have become self absorbed...driving as if they are the only ones on the road....pushing their way through store aisles with no regard if they are stepping on you in the process...their loss of self esteem now equaling a loss of regard for others.

Some have debated "Survival of the Fittest". I suppose there could be an argument either way on that, but I know in my cellular make-up, I don't believe that turning the other cheek on humanity is what we were supposed to learn from this experience.

We are all in this together. Each and every one of us connected in some way. When one falls, more will. When one steps up, the path is illuminated for others to join.
Our relationships with one another have been weighing heavily on my mind, and while I can't change it myself, by no means...I CAN stay true to authentic self.

 Because I will not allow these economic times to compromise who I am deep in my soul.

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