Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miniature Traveling Shrines for Focused Intentions

I create my Art much like I live my life. I believe in Symbolism. Everything holds a meaning and has a symbolic purpose in our life. I honor nature and her diversity. I honor the animals and the lessons they teach. And I honor each thing that I bring into my home, for each has a purpose dear to my heart.
This week I worked on some miniature shrines, or traveling shrines, since they are so easy and portable to take wherever you want them. Each are a piece of mixed media altered art that began from an altoid tin. Hours were spent on their intentions, their color schemes, and their embellishments making sure that each step of the process was purposeful and precise.
Miniature Altered Art Traveling Shrines by Jeanne Fry

When working with this grouping of shrines, I knew right away what each creation would be. I was creating one for The Love and Happiness of the Dragonfly, one for Reflection, one for Prosperity and Abundance, one for Bear Totem Medicine, and one honoring the perseverance and passion of Frida Kahlo.
Usually when I create a shrine I do so in a larger format and out of wooden boxes, but I do love the versatility of this small size.
Inside  view of Dragonfly Love and Happiness Altered Art Shrine
Inside of Reflection Altered Art Shrine
Inside view of Bear Medicine Altered Art Shrine
Inside view of Frida Kahlo Altered Art Shrine
Inside view of Prosperity and Abundance Altered Art Shrine
Inside view of Prosperity and Abundance Altered Art Shrine
You can learn more about my shrines and see them listed in my Artfire Shop here

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Sales on Art at Conscious Art Studios

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays everyone !
We are so happy to offer you a few special sales over Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday on our Art here at Conscious Art Studios. 
Our first sale is on our Artisan Crafted Gemstone Earrings. Earrings are on sale for 50% OFF starting November 22nd thru November 26th. To receive your discount on earrings, please enter coupon code HOLIDAYEARRINGSALE2012 at checkout. Regular price on our earrings is $15.00. Using our coupon code will bring them down to $7.50.
Holiday Sale on Artisan Crafted Earrings at Conscious Art Studios
You can  find all of our earrings in our Artfire Shop here Conscious Art Studios Earring Sale on Artfire

Our next special sale is on Original Paintings. Original paintings are on sale for 30% OFF. To receive your discount on paintings  please enter Coupon Code PAINTINGSALE2012 at checkout. You will find paintings here in many sizes either on wrapped gallery canvas or on watercolor paper
Remember Who You Are, an Original Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry
You can find all of our available paintings here in our Artfire Shop Conscious Art Studios Original Paintings for Sale on Artfire

We hope that you find something that delights you and speaks to your heart. (Please note while you are browsing, that each item that is on sale will remind you of the coupon code to use to receive your discount)

Many Blessings to you over this Thanksgiving Holiday and thank you for supporting the Arts !

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stone Crow Shape Shifter

The woman had been feeling empty for years, alone and lost. Each year she had lost more and more little pieces of herself , in relationship and circumstance. After time her face had appeared to look as if it were made of stone, revealing a cold emptiness...until she found a crow mask while out walking.
Stone Crow  Shape Shifter Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry
 Once she put on the mask, she was filled with emotion again. She found her voice and felt a completeness in her being. She was able to create within her life again, manifesting her desires and reclaiming all those lost pieces of herself.
Now she is a part of the Crow Clan. She communicates and journeys with them.She has  found her new home.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Remembering Who You Are Goddess Divine Feminine Folk Art

I think that in every woman's life, (or at least every woman that I know), there comes a point when you begin to feel fragmented. Those feelings and questions to our inner self come up, asking "Where did I go?" "Has anyone seen those little pieces of me?" 
Along the way, we often lose pieces of ourselves...some we gave up thinking we were doing so for the better good...some just got lost here and there. Life changes and relationships, give and take, and compromises can all lead to dropping these little pieces of ourselves until soon we begin to feel empty and may not even recognize who we are. When we reach this point, we often start taking inventory of our life and set out on a journey of self discovery and self recovery. 
This time of life is what inspired my most recent painting, "Remembering Who You Are".
"Remembering Who You Are" a spiritual art painting by Jeanne Fry
"Remember Who You Are" is a contemporary folk art painting, full of spiritual symbolism, by Jeanne Fry. The painting is inspired by the Divine Feminine and the Goddesses that existed in another time. It is a reminder to those who are on their spiritual journey to reclaim those pieces of themselves that they have lost or forgotten along the complete their portrait of "oneness" within. It is a call to honor our complex spirit, the light and the dark, the happy and the sad, and bring forth our authenticity of self.

This painting is dedicated to all of my goddess sisters, in gratefulness for how we support one another.

"Remember Who You Are" original folk art painting has been sold.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nubian Goat Totem Symbolism

The Nubian Goat is rich in symbolism.Goats were one one of the earliest domesticated animals because of their many attributes, sought for their milk, meat, and hide.Their milk has a higher butterfat content and is generally easily digested by humans. Their hides are used for leathers in crafting everything from rugs to clothing to bags.
They represent abundance and fertility to us, a continual sustenance to satisfy our needs.
Goat and Sunflower, a contemporary folk art painting by Jeanne Fry
Goats are strong and easily adapt to varying terrain. They are excellent climbers and carry a surety in their step. Before goats were bred and domesticated, they tended to live in mountainous regions. They can adapt to their surroundings and do so with a careful and thoughtful step, showing us that when life gives us challenges to proceed with an awareness and courage.
Their climbing ability to the tops of the geographical peaks was representative of being able to see the "big picture" and attaining a stronger connection to that which is larger than us.One could say that the goat is symbolic of balance and perspective.

Thank you for visiting my blog. You are welcome to explore my other blog posts here, many which focus on animal totem symbolism.
(This painting has been sold)

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