Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miniature Traveling Shrines for Focused Intentions

I create my Art much like I live my life. I believe in Symbolism. Everything holds a meaning and has a symbolic purpose in our life. I honor nature and her diversity. I honor the animals and the lessons they teach. And I honor each thing that I bring into my home, for each has a purpose dear to my heart.
This week I worked on some miniature shrines, or traveling shrines, since they are so easy and portable to take wherever you want them. Each are a piece of mixed media altered art that began from an altoid tin. Hours were spent on their intentions, their color schemes, and their embellishments making sure that each step of the process was purposeful and precise.
Miniature Altered Art Traveling Shrines by Jeanne Fry

When working with this grouping of shrines, I knew right away what each creation would be. I was creating one for The Love and Happiness of the Dragonfly, one for Reflection, one for Prosperity and Abundance, one for Bear Totem Medicine, and one honoring the perseverance and passion of Frida Kahlo.
Usually when I create a shrine I do so in a larger format and out of wooden boxes, but I do love the versatility of this small size.
Inside  view of Dragonfly Love and Happiness Altered Art Shrine
Inside of Reflection Altered Art Shrine
Inside view of Bear Medicine Altered Art Shrine
Inside view of Frida Kahlo Altered Art Shrine
Inside view of Prosperity and Abundance Altered Art Shrine
Inside view of Prosperity and Abundance Altered Art Shrine
You can learn more about my shrines and see them listed in my Artfire Shop here

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