Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Birth of the Gourd

Gourds have been with us for at least 10,000 years, and it's uses are as diverse and wide as it's evolution. Native to Africa, they spread rapidly throughout the world. 
Gourds have been and continue to be transformed into musical instruments, drums, birdhouses, bowls, bottles, baskets, masks, rattles, jewelry....the possibilities are endless. They are known as nature's pottery, and are probably my most loved medium to create with.

The amount of work that goes into a creation is time consuming when you take into consideration the growing cycle, harvest, drying cycle, and cleaning before you ever get to the actual fun part of turning it into a work of art. Once finished, it provides a sense of completion like no other.

Bird Clan Gourd Mask

Gourdwork by Jeanne Fry

Healing Hands Gourd Art Bowl

Sun Salutations Gourd Art Doll

Kachina Gourd

                                                ConsciousArtStudios - ArtFire Artisan Studio

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