Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art for the Wildlife of the Gulf Oil Spill

"I am deeply concerned for the wildlife that is currently, and who will be in the future ,effected by the Gulf Oil

Spill. In my effort to do something to try and help, I have created Animal Totem Stones of some of the partiuclar animals that may suffer from this spill. Proceeds from the sale of these totem stones will be sent to the National Wildlife Federation to assist in their efforts.As individuals our efforts may seem small, but when we join together we can make great strides."


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conscious Art Studios ~ Green Business

Conscious Art Studios is a member of the Green Business Association.

We attempt to help our planet, personally and in our Art Studio  by :

Supporting Local Growers and Markets
Reuse and Recycle, ~ especially in creating the Wisdom Keepers Art Dolls
Energy efficient  light bulbs
Conserve Energy  - electrical products off and/or unplugged when not in use
Water Conservation
Non-toxic paints  and other art supplies from Eco-Friendly Art Suppliers
Email marketing to replace paper mailing lists
Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies from Seventh Generation
Using our own grocery totes when shopping
Buying Dairy and Meat Products with no hormones
Using fibers from local Lllama and Sheep Farmers
Buy Organic
Paper not Plastic Packaging for our customers

Conscious Art Studios Website

Some of you communicate with us through Facebook, Blogs, or Email, but if you haven' t visited the Conscious Art Studios website recently, you should have a look. Lots of updating and new looks.


*There is an Art Specials page where every couple of weeks I post a few pieces of Art at great buy prices. *Windscape 3 also has a page on the site where you can find upcoming performing dates and hear song samples.
*Updated links on the About Us page where you can find links to things we love
*Video of the Cherokee Fire Story by John
*Updates on Art Offerings
and of course more. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who support us, some of you for a very long time. Without your inspiration, we wouldn't be doing the things that we love with such vitality and passion.
Many many Blessings to all of you that support Conscious Art Studios. 

Saturday Art Market

Finally the warm weather is arriving and the sun is shining, and now the Artisan Market has started up again for this year's season. Most Saturdays, unless we are showing at another show or festival, you can find our Art at the Grants Pass Artisan's Market from 9am - 1pm.

John's Flute Music Endeavours

If you haven't come out to hear John perform recently, you might not be aware that he is in a new band called Windscape 3.

 Windscape 3 offers an eclectic, jazzy, folk and world beat blend of original music and songs. With tribal jazz pieces in an acoustical setting they use modern and ancient world instruments to create that "feel good" ambience in most every setting.

They will be having a CD release in June 2010.
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