Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Conscious Art Studios ~ Green Business

Conscious Art Studios is a member of the Green Business Association.

We attempt to help our planet, personally and in our Art Studio  by :

Supporting Local Growers and Markets
Reuse and Recycle, ~ especially in creating the Wisdom Keepers Art Dolls
Energy efficient  light bulbs
Conserve Energy  - electrical products off and/or unplugged when not in use
Water Conservation
Non-toxic paints  and other art supplies from Eco-Friendly Art Suppliers
Email marketing to replace paper mailing lists
Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies from Seventh Generation
Using our own grocery totes when shopping
Buying Dairy and Meat Products with no hormones
Using fibers from local Lllama and Sheep Farmers
Buy Organic
Paper not Plastic Packaging for our customers

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