Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Working with the Otter Totem for the New Year

There's not enough Happiness in the world today. Yes, there are pockets of people who are happy or at least content, but if you truly look around......there is such a huge amount of sadness, stress, anger, and negativity. Wars, hate crimes, bullying, and violence spill over our communities and touch us all. These atrocities are not just happening across the oceans, but are right here in our sights.  Sometimes you never know how the girl in the coffee shop who is frustrating you by making you a latte when you asked for a cappuccino. While you get stressed that you're going to be late for work, she hurriedly starts over, while her mind keeps flashing back to the beating she endured from her husband the night before. Or the boy who lives next door, the trouble maker on the block...while his parents stand over him, screaming at him for breaking the neighbor's windows, his mind is somewhere else thinking of the bully at school who embarrassed him to tears in front of their classmates.
Our hearts, souls, and our Earth are all being affected by this.

Our happiness has to begin with ourselves, so we can then spread that light to others. What better animal totem to learn from but the Otter.
The Otter represents a pure joy. Their character is one of curiosity and living in the moment. Even though they have work to do, they are able to infuse their playfulness and make those times full of smiles. They tackle each action as if it is the first time, symbolic of Life being an Adventure. The Otter emits Happiness, changing the energy of those around them. Everyone could learn from the Otter's wisdom.

May you carry Otter Wisdom with you into the New Year. Happy 2015 !

Original Painting titled "Dance of the Otters" 11 x 14 by Jeanne Fry
The painting is listed in our Etsy shop here

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New ways to Connect the Writer and the Reader

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I love reading blogs, especially those that are artistic and inspiring, but I have to admit that many times I lost track of those favorite ones. I am now using Bloglovin to follow the blogs that I love.
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