Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pink Flamingo Symbolic Totem Meaning

 I love to watch documentaries about animals, to learn more about how they live and survive in the world and with one another. A few months ago I came across "The Crimson Wing", a documentary about Pink Flamingos and when it was over I had such an affection for the Flamingo and a new respect for it as a totem.
For the past few weeks I  had the Pink Flamingo on my mind strongly.  He stayed on my mind until finally I painted him yesterday. Once the last brushstroke was completed, I sat down and contemplated over his symbolism.
The Pink Flamingo is a part of the Heron family, who are very familiar to me. I suppose  the color and it's grace are what have been enchanting me. Pink is symbolic for the Heart Chakra in Chakra Healing, representative of the heart, love, and our emotional center. He is a reminder to find balance with your emotions and urges one to contemplate the types of relationships in your life. Are you attracting healthy relationships? Are you carrying too much of the past into your present?
Pink Flamingo Contemporary  Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry
The originating home of the Flamingo is a beautiful place, yet there are seasons when it is a challenge. This is symbolic of how our human relationships are as well.....there are seasons when things are difficult...ups and downs...yet if the love is strong, things will work out.
The Flamingo is about Happiness in Love and Relationships. It reminds you to not be afraid of love, but to embrace it with open arms. In order to do that, be confident with your Self, and what your needs and desires are.
The Flamingo is a beautiful totem to work with.

***If you are interested in my original painting of the Pink Flamingo, it is listed in our Etsy Shop here
 Pink Flamingo Painting on Etsy

I also created a piece of gourd jewelry that focuses on the Flamingo. I love using natural elements in my artwork, strengthening our connection with Mother Earth.
The pendant is designed from gourd, painted with acrylics, and adorned with beads.

(If you would like this re-created for you, please email us)

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