Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stewards of the Earth..Our Interconnectedness with Nature

I try to surround myself with people of like-mind, people that find an importance in caring for our Earth and take responsibility for the footprint they leave. I have such a deep respect for the gifts we receive from our environment, and not just the obvious things such as the sustainability of food, water, plant life, but to have a gratitude for the natural balance and peace we can feel when engaged in our surroundings. I marvel in the fact that when sitting in our homes and offices we can become so stressed and worried and look at things as if they're black and white....and then the moment we step outside we feel relief. Black and white doesn't seems so simple anymore, because the color palette explodes upon you, the air comforts your cheek, and our heart beat becomes "one" with the Earth. The rhythm sways our spirit and we exhale.

This feeling is what inspired my latest painting, "Stewards of the Earth"

"Stewards of the Earth" Original Painting by Jeanne Fry
The painting has multiple layers giving a great deal of depth to the subject. The tree silhouette, Tree of Life, was created with yet another silhouette inside it, that of the Turtle Totem. The symbolism of the Turtle is motherhood of the Earth and healing. Within the framework of the turtle are 7 human figures which are the stewards. The design of the turtle shell lays over the humans. Inside the tree trunk, you find two more tree silhouettes, growing and blooming, and the main tree (the Tree of Life) is sprouting it's new growth for the season, for the cycles of life.
I used hues of Periwinkle blue, Raw Umber, Titanium White, Grey,and Sap Green, all representing different seasons.

Symbolism is important in all of my paintings, to convey the processes of my spirit.

The Original Painting of Stewards of the Earth is available in my Etsy shop here

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