Thursday, February 26, 2015

Re-visiting the Red Tailed Hawk and Soul Purpose Symbolism

I recently spent some time re-visiting the Red Tailed Hawk and his importance connected  with our Soul Purpose. I have studied on him before, spent time in connection and creation with this totem, but this week he has come back to me. 

When the Red Tailed has shown up as a totem for you he is forever connected, for he usually appears when you are making strides in your life toward living your true Soul Purpose. As we strive to live the life were meant to live there are times when we feel that we have reached a plateau...not necessarily "stuck", but may have the feeling as if we are just "dog paddling". Frustration can set in as we can sense when the next level is right at our fingertips, yet can seem unattainable. When that frustration is left unchecked, our visionary perceptions become dull. 

This is the time to reconnect with the Red Tailed, for he can help us remember that balance between reaching for the lofty heights and remaining strong and grounded. He can help us recognize when others around us may not have our higher good in mind, thwarting our efforts. He reminds us to draw our boundaries and protect our sacred self. He knows that stepping to the side for a moment, protected in our sacredness, allows us to access the situation more fully and find creative ways to move forward. It is that moment of remembering who we are and what we are seeking. 
He can guide is in utilizing our power, reminding is of the strength we carry, and to use our power with care.
As I get ready to move from the Winter's quiet time into the the New Beginnings of Spring, I am grateful for the reminder from the Red Tailed - reminding myself of who I am and where I am going. And for the knowing that I am Divinely Protected and Loved.

 The Original Red Tailed Hawk painting is available in our Etsy shop here
Red Tailed Hawk Watercolor Painting 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunrise on Sacred Lands - Visionary Folk Art by Jeanne Fry

Being fully connected with something bigger than yourself....when every moment of your being breathes in sacredness, effortlessly....when one is committed to living consciously....These are the feelings that I wanted to portray in my newest painting, "Sunrise on Sacred Lands".
As an original piece of Visionary Folk Art, it speaks of the spiritual soul on their journey.

The native woman's connection with Mother Earth is shown by her waking from her sleep, lying nestled in  the rolling hills as if they were warm woolen blankets. Her frame drum is her pillow, referencing her connection with the heartbeat of life and ability to stay in the present moment. She is encompassed within the lightning bolt path (energy) that leads her to the Tree of Life and seasons of her spirit. 

The Turtle Totem (symbolic of Motherhood) is shown climbing the tree, watching over Earth's children. The majestic Eagle can be seen flying over the water and through the glow of the sunrise. Its importance here, for Creation and the evolution  of the Soul.
Faint tribal designs, like etchings, can be seen blended into the background, it subtlety like the wisdom we carry...engrained in our blueprint from our ancestors. And lastly, the prayer feathers standing in the soil next to the woman...for her morning prayers and gratefulness. 

As she wakes  she is aware of All this, soaking in every detail and thankful for her part in it.

"Sunrise on Sacred Lands" is available in our Etsy shop here
Sunrise on Sacred Lands Canvas Painting 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sacred Mountains, a Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle Symbolic for Grounding, Balance, and Connection

Our newest Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle is titled "Sacred Mountains". It is an honoring of the life force of the mountains. Its symbolism represents the ability of being Grounded and Balanced on an earthly level, while at the same time the mountains allow one to be closer to the Sun, the Moon, the Heavens, and Spirit. This blend of being more fully connected with the Earth and the Sky, (Self and Spirit), fosters our intuitive senses and  heightens a trust in our "knowing". Our balanced self becomes a better listener, to our own inner guide and of our guardians.

The gourd rattle was painted to reflect the mountains, the layers of Earth graduating from the deeper browns until they meet a terracotta. The tip of the gourd brings in a teal blue, symbolic for the Sky. A beautiful Pink Agate is attached at the tip of the gourd rattle, symbolic for strengthening intuition and compassionate relationships with Self and Others.

The "Sacred Mountains" Painted Gourd Rattle is available in our Etsy shop here

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