Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sacred Mountains, a Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle Symbolic for Grounding, Balance, and Connection

Our newest Painted Gourd Ceremony Rattle is titled "Sacred Mountains". It is an honoring of the life force of the mountains. Its symbolism represents the ability of being Grounded and Balanced on an earthly level, while at the same time the mountains allow one to be closer to the Sun, the Moon, the Heavens, and Spirit. This blend of being more fully connected with the Earth and the Sky, (Self and Spirit), fosters our intuitive senses and  heightens a trust in our "knowing". Our balanced self becomes a better listener, to our own inner guide and of our guardians.

The gourd rattle was painted to reflect the mountains, the layers of Earth graduating from the deeper browns until they meet a terracotta. The tip of the gourd brings in a teal blue, symbolic for the Sky. A beautiful Pink Agate is attached at the tip of the gourd rattle, symbolic for strengthening intuition and compassionate relationships with Self and Others.

The "Sacred Mountains" Painted Gourd Rattle is available in our Etsy shop here

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