Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunrise on Sacred Lands - Visionary Folk Art by Jeanne Fry

Being fully connected with something bigger than yourself....when every moment of your being breathes in sacredness, effortlessly....when one is committed to living consciously....These are the feelings that I wanted to portray in my newest painting, "Sunrise on Sacred Lands".
As an original piece of Visionary Folk Art, it speaks of the spiritual soul on their journey.

The native woman's connection with Mother Earth is shown by her waking from her sleep, lying nestled in  the rolling hills as if they were warm woolen blankets. Her frame drum is her pillow, referencing her connection with the heartbeat of life and ability to stay in the present moment. She is encompassed within the lightning bolt path (energy) that leads her to the Tree of Life and seasons of her spirit. 

The Turtle Totem (symbolic of Motherhood) is shown climbing the tree, watching over Earth's children. The majestic Eagle can be seen flying over the water and through the glow of the sunrise. Its importance here, for Creation and the evolution  of the Soul.
Faint tribal designs, like etchings, can be seen blended into the background, it subtlety like the wisdom we carry...engrained in our blueprint from our ancestors. And lastly, the prayer feathers standing in the soil next to the woman...for her morning prayers and gratefulness. 

As she wakes  she is aware of All this, soaking in every detail and thankful for her part in it.

"Sunrise on Sacred Lands" is available in our Etsy shop here
Sunrise on Sacred Lands Canvas Painting 

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