Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Horse Totem, Healing, and a Little Girl

When an artist is in the process of painting, they never truly know how important that piece is going to become in their life. When I am navigating through my process, the focus is on sharing my journey, my growth, my inspirations, and accessing my intuition.
This week the focus behind my paintings was "overcoming". I was immersed in a creative frenzy, painting almost non-stop for three days. Each night my husband urged me to go to bed at a decent hour, but the palette kept my attention until 3am each morning. 
One of the paintings from this run was of a horse totem, named "Run Fast, Run Hard". There was movement in the strokes and a portrayal of speed, as the painting is motivating you to move fast and work hard toward your dreams. 
Run Fast, Run Hard a Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

Occasionally over those three days I would post a few photos of what I had been painting on our Facebook art page. As soon as I would share the photos I would go back to painting. My cell phone alerted me of a private message through Facebook, with an inquiry of interest about the painting. 
As soon as I started reading the message from my phone, I was engaged in a story, and knew that I needed to sign into the computer and give it more focus.
A mother in California was interested in purchasing the painting for her 9 year old daughter. As she shared with me the reason that she wanted it, my heart moved to another place....a place in my own past.
Her daughter Ashley has a rare disease that she is battling, Pediatric Sarcoidosis. A lump in my throat started forming as I felt the link with my own Lupus, as both attack random organs in the body. She told me how strong Ashley is and how she loves to paint. She has been loving horses as of late, and since her mom can't give her an actual horse, she wanted to give her my painting.

She included a link to the fundraising site they have set up for Ashley to help cover her medical bills so that I could learn a little more about her. When I opened the link, the tears started falling. When I looked into her eyes, I saw my own when I was little. My mind raced back to when I myself was so young, when at the age of 4 I was in the hospital and became an amputee.
During my hospital stay I had been given a gift by a stranger. The man had stopped me in the hall and had given me a painting of Faith, Hope, & Charity. I never saw the man again, but I still have that painting to this day.
I knew that this painting had to be a gift to Ashley, of that there was no question. The gift that I had received had changed my life, teaching me that love and compassion exist in unexpected places. My hope is that Ashley will feel that too, and always be surrounded by love and support.
This trip back in time, flood of emotions, and decision making all happened in just a few minutes. I soon looked up with the tears welled in my eyes and showed my husband Ashley's link. As soon as he saw it, he said "She looks just like you when you were little", and he himself was fighting back the tears. 
I'm sharing her link here, in the case that you might want to donate to her cause, and should you choose to you are not only helping her and her mom, but my own inner child spirit as well.
I am grateful for this moment in my life as an artist, as it has been one of the most meaningful exchanges I have ever experienced.
In Love and Light,


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hedgehog Totem Meaning

When meeting a Hedgehog many will immediately feel caution because of his "spiked" appearance. Of course you are supposed to feel guarded, as this was Mother Nature's way of providing him protection. When they feel threatened they will curl up into a ball, tricking their predator into thinking they would not be a good meal. Hedgehog teaches us that it is not always wise to let our vulnerabilities show to those we are unsure of.
Hedgehog Totem Original Painting ATC Card by Jeanne Fry

These little wonders of nature are called "Hedgehogs" because they forage and hunt through low lying brush, undergrowth, bushes and hedges. They are resourceful and meticulous in their daily living, which is another good lesson. The Hedgehog reminds us to take our time and we will see opportunities that are available. 
Most species are nocturnal, similar to the opossum. This is symbolic of being connected to the dream time and one's own intuition. The hedgehog can remind one to trust their gut feelings and protect themselves when need be. It is the "knowing" that helps one along their path, suggesting doors of opportunity and to be patient in the lessons.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you are enchanted with this little Hedgehog painting, it is done on an ATC (Artist Trading Card), that is available in our Artfire Shop here

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finding the Heartbeat in Art

This has been a hard year in weather for us. We have had what seems like continuous battering rains and flooding most of our Spring and Summer. In the process we have lost our gardens and many opportunities to go to art shows. But, what I miss the most is my ability to spend as much time out in nature as I normally would. 

I am a mountain girl. Spending time in the woods and near our lakes and waterfalls comforts my heart like nothing else. This is where I find my balance and my inspiration. 
Without my frequent excursions into nature, I have found myself taking my easel to my porch in order to find my peace.
Last weekend we were invited to a Drum Retreat, with John being asked to provide Native Flute music and Udu drum to the morning meditation. It was a beautiful way to begin our morning, with the sun floating in through the stained glass window.
While originally thinking that we would only stay through the meditation, we found that we stayed most of the day. We sat in on some of the drum workshops and performances and had lunch with our friend Glen (a djembe maker) and his wife Nicole.
We had the wonderful opportunity to see Alisa Caldwell teach West African dance, who left us feeling re-energized.

Coming home in the afternoon for a brief respite, I contemplated whether to return to the retreat for the evening drum circle. My body was beyond exhausted and in pain, but the urge to paint near the lakeside while the others drummed won out on the decision. 
I was curious if being among so many people in such an active event would be too much of a distraction for me to paint. Only one way to find out I thought, as I scurried through the house to gather my paints, easel, and paint on. I found a large sheet of wood and we were off to the drum circle.
I found a little spot on the edge of the circle to set up the easel. There as lots of chatter amongst the drummers while I set up my palette. Soon they were drumming, and even sooner I was painting. I no longer heard their voices nor noticed them moving around. I was at once in tune with the heartbeat of the drum and found my brush moving rhythmically moving to the sound.
I painted what I heard. I painted what I felt. I painted the music.

It took two days for my body to recover from what I have made it endure that day, but the benefit that my spirit received was well worth the expenditure.
"Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together"  Anais Nin

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Healer, the Goddess of Health and Well-Being Fine Art Print

The Healer

When all other channels have been exhausted, conventional methods have been used, and your Spirit is weary from the battle...many have sought out The Healer.
The Healer, Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry
She is a Goddess of the Earth and uses the healing methods of the natural world. She knows that for every ailment, there is a remedy growing within our reach. She carries all knowledge of what miraculous healing the Earth has to offer. Her soul is filled with compassion, which can always be seen in her wise grey eyes. When in her presence one knows that anything is possible, they feel safe, and hold her in reverence. She requires no payment for her work, only that the recipient be grateful to the Earth and her bounty. 

She has no label, religious or cultural. She carries no name. She in only known as 
The Healer.

The Original Painting has sold, but it is available art as an Art Print in our Fine Art America shop here
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