Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hedgehog Totem Meaning

When meeting a Hedgehog many will immediately feel caution because of his "spiked" appearance. Of course you are supposed to feel guarded, as this was Mother Nature's way of providing him protection. When they feel threatened they will curl up into a ball, tricking their predator into thinking they would not be a good meal. Hedgehog teaches us that it is not always wise to let our vulnerabilities show to those we are unsure of.
Hedgehog Totem Original Painting ATC Card by Jeanne Fry

These little wonders of nature are called "Hedgehogs" because they forage and hunt through low lying brush, undergrowth, bushes and hedges. They are resourceful and meticulous in their daily living, which is another good lesson. The Hedgehog reminds us to take our time and we will see opportunities that are available. 
Most species are nocturnal, similar to the opossum. This is symbolic of being connected to the dream time and one's own intuition. The hedgehog can remind one to trust their gut feelings and protect themselves when need be. It is the "knowing" that helps one along their path, suggesting doors of opportunity and to be patient in the lessons.

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