Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stewards of the Earth..Our Interconnectedness with Nature

I try to surround myself with people of like-mind, people that find an importance in caring for our Earth and take responsibility for the footprint they leave. I have such a deep respect for the gifts we receive from our environment, and not just the obvious things such as the sustainability of food, water, plant life, but to have a gratitude for the natural balance and peace we can feel when engaged in our surroundings. I marvel in the fact that when sitting in our homes and offices we can become so stressed and worried and look at things as if they're black and white....and then the moment we step outside we feel relief. Black and white doesn't seems so simple anymore, because the color palette explodes upon you, the air comforts your cheek, and our heart beat becomes "one" with the Earth. The rhythm sways our spirit and we exhale.

This feeling is what inspired my latest painting, "Stewards of the Earth"

"Stewards of the Earth" Original Painting by Jeanne Fry
The painting has multiple layers giving a great deal of depth to the subject. The tree silhouette, Tree of Life, was created with yet another silhouette inside it, that of the Turtle Totem. The symbolism of the Turtle is motherhood of the Earth and healing. Within the framework of the turtle are 7 human figures which are the stewards. The design of the turtle shell lays over the humans. Inside the tree trunk, you find two more tree silhouettes, growing and blooming, and the main tree (the Tree of Life) is sprouting it's new growth for the season, for the cycles of life.
I used hues of Periwinkle blue, Raw Umber, Titanium White, Grey,and Sap Green, all representing different seasons.

Symbolism is important in all of my paintings, to convey the processes of my spirit.

The Original Painting of Stewards of the Earth is available in my Etsy shop here

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Weekend of Art and Nesting

The Cold month of December has brought the rapid arrival of Nesting to our home. While we continue to create our Artwork, at a bit a bit of a slower pace, we are also enjoying the simple things that winter brings in getting ready to settle down for the season.

My Frida Kahlo apron
 Out comes the Frida Kahlo apron my mother gave me a few years ago and the baking proceeds.
I do a lot more cooking and baking in the winter, but find that I don't really end up eating more. It's more the "Meditation" that it provides. The repetitive stirring and chopping is very soothing to me, and clears the mind from it's clutter.

Prepping for Oatmeal Cookies
BIG plate of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
The Art Room needed cleaning, as clutter adds up quickly when I'm working on projects.
Art Room Clutter
I spent both afternoons creating some small collage boards as gifts for family and friends.
Simple and Sweet, the colors are the most relaxing to me.
Small Collage Boards for Gifts
I did manage to finish a new original painting during all of the "feel good" activities.
Staying within my Wings theme as of late, the new painting is called Departure.

"Departure" Original Painting by Jeanne Fry 12 x 12

And along the way, I sleeved up some of my Art Prints that are for sale.
Art Prints of Jeanne Fry's Paintings

The Winter time is a very introspective time for me. This is when I usually spend a great deal of time writing, in order to chase away those old blues that can sneak in you during this season. So, spending my time on the "small stuff" , the things that make the memories, is very healing to me.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Supporting Handmade in America

As Artists and Consumers, we ourselves have taken the Handmade Pledge to support local artisans. We continue to share with our collectors the value of supporting local artisans and their craft to perpetuate a stimulus in the economy of each community. At the same time, we always look to artisans first when we are needing to purchase something, and have found while researching that we can find many functional and decorative pieces that are handmade versus manufactured.

If you are not familiar with Handmade in America, they are a wonderful organization supporting artisans in Western North Carolina with their superior programs.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Departure" New Original Butterfly Painting and it's Symbolism

I find lately that much of my painting is done late at night and in the early morning hours, when everything is Still and Quiet. During these times, my work comes from a deeper place, when no distractions are occurring and all you hear is the sound of the brush stroke on the canvas.

"Departure" a new original painting by Jeanne Fry

These last few weeks I have been very attracted to things with Wings, birds, butterflies, dragonflies....all with the ability to fly...all symbolic of freedom.
"Departure" was created to represent those few moments when you are ready to take off in flight...when you have "butterflies" in your're filled with anticipation. Fear and Excitement fill your soul and yet you await, ready to escape the stagnancy and walls that you have built around you, and soar into a new world of possibilities.

"Departure" Woman with Butterfly Wings Visionary Art Painting by Jeanne Fry
Her complexion seems similar to stone, like the bland and dull surroundings that have developed from the baggage she has had to carry. But now is her Time, her Wings have emerged, promising to take her to new heights in a healthy and happy space. Here she can explore her utmost desires with no strings attached and nothing weighing her down.
And so she waits....for Departure.

"Departure" is a form of Visionary Art.
It measures 12 inches x 12 inches, is signed and dated by me, and is ready to hang.
The collector receives a description card that tells about her symbolism that is also signed and dated.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Unveiling a Winter Wonderland of Art Dolls and Ornaments

The holidays are rapidly approaching, like a shooting star zooming through the sky.  Time seems to speed like a flash of light at this time of year. I've been busy here in the studio crafting holiday art, but you know won't see Santa Claus or Snowmen. I enjoy the olde traditions of the season, and the lesser known legends and tall tales. Of course many of them revolve around the woodlands, my favorite aspect of nature.

So, let's not waste any more time and show you what's been transforming in the studio...

Jillian Frost Art Doll by Jeanne Fry
Jillian Frost, a Winter Elf has arrived to town for the Holidays. Jillian is a mild mannered Elf, tender and caring, and watches over the woodland animals during the cold long days of Winter. She helps the wee ones find warm homes to shelter them and directs them as to where they can hunt for their meals. She knows what old Jack Frost is up to and when he will be bringing harsh frigid temperatures and frost, and will quickly alert the nearby animals to seek warm shelter.

Jillian Frost Art Doll

Now, Jillian has an old friend....wise and majestic..and a great teacher. Her name is Beth.
Beth ~ Celtic Tree Birch ~ Goddess Tree by Jeanne Fry
Beth is the Lady of the Woods, derived from the Celtic Trees. Beth (Beith in old Celtic) is symbolic of the Birch Tree, which is considered to be the Goddess Tree. In understanding the Celtic Trees, the meaning of the Birch is Growth, Renewal, and Stability. It is known for the honoring of traditions.
Birch Celtic Tree Art Doll named Beth by Jeanne Fry


Many wee ones came to life as well in the process, excited about the upcoming festivities and clamoured to join in the party.

This is Star Spirit
Star Spirit Art Doll Ornament by Jeanne Fry

Have you ever seen a Star Spirit before? The Star Spirits float down from the skies and hover in the trees watching over the humans and animals. They love to be nearby us and act a bit like guardians, and are especially attracted to happy humans.
Star Spirit Beaded Christmas Ornament by Jeanne Fry


Next I would like to introduce you to the sweet little Peace Dove.
Peace Dove Beaded Christmas Ornament by Jeanne Fry
He is beautiful with any Shabby Chic or Winter White Decor, and emanates Peace to All. After the holidays he would be perfect to hang in a window or on a cabinet pull.



The New Year Angel Christmas Ornament joined this Holiday Crew as well.
New Year Angel Handmade Christmas Ornament by Jeanne Fry
The New Year will be arriving soon, and this little New Year Angel is here to help you ring in a beautiful New Year and bring wonderful opportunities for you.



As you are running around getting gifts for all of your loved ones and wrapping them up in pretty papers and adornments, what about sealing one with a kiss?
This little Art Doll Ornie is named "Sealed with A Kiss"
Sealed with a Kiss Handmade Christmas Ornament by Jeanne Fry

She just looks like she is supposed to be sitting on top of a gift...and she really loves to because she is one of those that loves to shake the gifts to guess what's inside.


Next to join the party is "Big Heart in a Small Package"

Big Heart in a Small Package Art Doll Ornament by Jeanne Fry

This little Celtic Woman spirit came all the way from Wales to be a part of the lovelies.



And lastly, you know I wouldn't finish out the collection with out a bit of the tribal....Here is Crazy Bear, a beaded ornament.
Crazy Bear Beaded Christmas Ornament by Jeanne Fry


Thank you for letting me share my latest Holiday Creations with you. I hope you enjoyed them. To see some of our other Artwork you can always visit our regular website at

For all of my artwork that is currently available you can visit my Artfire Studio

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