Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Return to the Abundant Earth

Sometimes we step away from the things that are a core part of us - our rituals or ways of life - often  not because we have abandoned them but simply because our spirit needs something different in the moment. I feel, in part, that this has been the case for me. 
Over the past year I had stepped back from the intrinsic part of me who's spirituality and healing based from nature, my animal totems, and Earth Mother.

 For the most part I think this was on a subconscious level, for I was experiencing such loss in my heart that my soul urged me to immerse in the Feminine. I placed my heart within the Goddess's hands, needing to heal, to understand, and to be still. 
Many lessons flowed, some sweet and with ease, and some painfully difficult. I was able to come to understandings about myself and how I walk in the world, along with even greater understandings about humanity. 
I believe that healing and self growth are a lifelong process - that we reach levels of  understanding and then continue to ascend. Now I feel that it is time for me to broaden my scope again, integrating my refreshingly, deep nourished Goddess sense with the balanced, grounded Nature Sage. It is time for me to reconnect the Bridge between Earth and Sky. 
Outwardly I suppose that people will notice this within my artwork, which I feel will be turning, in some senses, to a more balanced feminine and masculine slant. 
I return with excitement, for I have especially missed my strong focus on the animal totems, who are all chattering incessantly, like old friends catching up in a flurry. 
My conscious thought on this spiritual and artistic transition came to the canvas a few days ago, creating "Abundant Earth". 
Symbolically the painting was satisfying, incorporating black lava medium, handmade paper, cotton canvas, liquitex acrylics, ink, gesso, textile, and clay beads - each component bringing outwardly meaning to the balance I spoke of. 

The "Abundant Earth" Original Mixed Media Painting is listed here
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