Monday, December 30, 2013

Creation of a Star Being, a Symbolic Celestial Folk Art Painting

Sometimes when you are gazing up at the night's starry sky you can see that some of the stars are shining much more brightly than others. It could be the size of the star, or it could be the distance of the stars, or it could be that you have spotted a Star Being.
"Creation of a Star Being" an Original Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

Star Beings are like angels of the sky. They help with wish making. 
The Star Beings watch over us. Even when we can't see them through cloudy nights, they are still present. 
They whisper answers to the Moon, answers that can help us as we strive for our dreams. When the Moon becomes is filled to the brim with guidance for us. All we need do is Ask....and Listen.

**This is the third painting in a Celestial themed series I have been creating.


Deer Totem Meaning - Connecting with Inner Wisdom Original Painting by Jeanne Fry

Humans have been enchanted with Deer since existence. While they have been the most popular animal with hunters for ages, I think the attraction to them goes deeper than obtaining their hide or meat for sustenance.
Deer have been symbolic for purity and innocence, and represent Nature itself. They remind us to keep our connection with the Earth and to appreciate each moment as it comes and be grateful. They could be considered the Master Teacher of totems because of the vastness of the lessons that can be learned. They are adaptable, and can live and thrive in nearly any environment. Their diet is diverse allowing them to live in almost any region. They can eat grasses, legumes, mushrooms, cacti, corn, fruit, clover, leaves, and acorns.
"Protection" Deer Totem Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

Deer have keen senses and use them all, including their intuition. They use their perceptions as they journey through their day, but they do not allow fear to prevent them from "living". When they feel there is danger they will raise their tail showing the white underneath to alert other deer.

The family unit is important to the female, as she spends the first few days alone with her fawn, bonding. Even as the fawn are growing, they stay with their mothers for a considerable span of time - males stay for a year, females for two years. This is a reminder to us of the importance of Bonding time with our own children.

The Antlers are symbolic of Intuition, as they grow from behind the eyes. Deer teaches us to trust in our gut feelings, as our inner self always "knows". This sense of intuition allows them to protect themselves and their families.

Deer teaches us to reconnect with our authentic self, to keep life simple, bond with family, trust in our inner knowing, and be adaptable for survival. They are symbolic for the cycle of life, enjoying each moment, and being grateful. They innately understand being in the present moment and making the most of each of them.

**This is one of my original paintings that I have titled "Protection", representing the Deer's haven or sacred space. Here they can always feel safe, as the Antler Tree watches over them. The mother can spend the time she needs with the fawn, teaching it about the ways of the world.
You can see learn more about it or purchase it in our Etsy shop here:
Mother Deer and Fawn Original Canvas Painting on Etsy

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bears Mother Tree - a Safe Haven in an Everchanging World

The Earth is continually changing. As we humans spread out more and more we continue to ravage this precious land, and more times than not don't give back to her. Each living thing does its best to acclimate to those changes. Each animal finds their homes becoming smaller and smaller. They are having to learn how to live among us, and in doing so they lose pieces of their own animal spirit.

"Bears Mother Tree" was created to represent the sacred home to the Bear, a place where they could come and "be". This place is where the Bear can always come home and be remember who they keep their spirit not become "watered" down by the just be the Bear.

The symbolism in the painting brings the "Mother Tree" to life. The tree is painted in pale turquoise representing the richness of the Earth.The grey bark is for the wisdom she has gained in the changes of time. Two bears are visiting, one resting on her branch, while the younger one is climbing to find haven. Small tan leaves are opening at her branch tips, for birth and growth. Four medicine wheels are hanging in the branches, each with a Tree of Life inside. The tree of life is painted in white for the purity of our existence. Each medicine wheel has four feathers hanging from them for the balance of the Four Directions. Bear prints are painted amongst the limbs, symbolism for the bears walk of life. 

Living here in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, I have a great respect for the Bear. For the past year or so I continue to hear more and more stories on the news about the bear population coming closer and closer into our towns. During the interviews people are complaining about these visitations, upset with such petty things as bird feeders being knocked down, or their trash cans being pilfered. The Bear's home is becoming smaller and smaller, and their food sources more scarce.
This was the inspiration for my painting "Bears Mother Tree". In my heart, my hope is that they could have such a place, a sacred place, untouched, where they can always walk with Bear Heart.

This painting is available in our Etsy shop here
Bear's Mother Tree Original Painting Matted and Framed

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Luna's Moonflowers - Ode to the Night

As the twilight approaches and the veil is getting thin, the anticipation heightens... for soon our dance will begin.

This is the magic time, embraced by a blanket of stars. It is another world, a different world, a world filled with possibilities. While others are sleeping soundly, we allow our Mystic Spirit to connect with Luna who glows so stoically in the sky.
She urges us to trust in our "knowing", and to feel confident in doing so. These sweet hours allow for uninterrupted thinking. They are the bridge between our conscious and sub-conscious. 
 As the moonflower only blooms at night, so does a certain part of our Spirit. Finding the balance between both worlds allows us to step confidently in our Self.

This is a Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry. Done in acrylics on canvas, the woman offers a bouquet of Moonflowers to Luna, in thanks for the respite and knowledge she provides. 

This original painting is sold.

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