Thursday, December 5, 2013

Luna's Moonflowers - Ode to the Night

As the twilight approaches and the veil is getting thin, the anticipation heightens... for soon our dance will begin.

This is the magic time, embraced by a blanket of stars. It is another world, a different world, a world filled with possibilities. While others are sleeping soundly, we allow our Mystic Spirit to connect with Luna who glows so stoically in the sky.
She urges us to trust in our "knowing", and to feel confident in doing so. These sweet hours allow for uninterrupted thinking. They are the bridge between our conscious and sub-conscious. 
 As the moonflower only blooms at night, so does a certain part of our Spirit. Finding the balance between both worlds allows us to step confidently in our Self.

This is a Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry. Done in acrylics on canvas, the woman offers a bouquet of Moonflowers to Luna, in thanks for the respite and knowledge she provides. 

This original painting is sold.

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