Monday, December 12, 2011

A Weekend of Art and Nesting

The Cold month of December has brought the rapid arrival of Nesting to our home. While we continue to create our Artwork, at a bit a bit of a slower pace, we are also enjoying the simple things that winter brings in getting ready to settle down for the season.

My Frida Kahlo apron
 Out comes the Frida Kahlo apron my mother gave me a few years ago and the baking proceeds.
I do a lot more cooking and baking in the winter, but find that I don't really end up eating more. It's more the "Meditation" that it provides. The repetitive stirring and chopping is very soothing to me, and clears the mind from it's clutter.

Prepping for Oatmeal Cookies
BIG plate of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
The Art Room needed cleaning, as clutter adds up quickly when I'm working on projects.
Art Room Clutter
I spent both afternoons creating some small collage boards as gifts for family and friends.
Simple and Sweet, the colors are the most relaxing to me.
Small Collage Boards for Gifts
I did manage to finish a new original painting during all of the "feel good" activities.
Staying within my Wings theme as of late, the new painting is called Departure.

"Departure" Original Painting by Jeanne Fry 12 x 12

And along the way, I sleeved up some of my Art Prints that are for sale.
Art Prints of Jeanne Fry's Paintings

The Winter time is a very introspective time for me. This is when I usually spend a great deal of time writing, in order to chase away those old blues that can sneak in you during this season. So, spending my time on the "small stuff" , the things that make the memories, is very healing to me.

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