Thursday, February 26, 2015

Re-visiting the Red Tailed Hawk and Soul Purpose Symbolism

I recently spent some time re-visiting the Red Tailed Hawk and his importance connected  with our Soul Purpose. I have studied on him before, spent time in connection and creation with this totem, but this week he has come back to me. 

When the Red Tailed has shown up as a totem for you he is forever connected, for he usually appears when you are making strides in your life toward living your true Soul Purpose. As we strive to live the life were meant to live there are times when we feel that we have reached a plateau...not necessarily "stuck", but may have the feeling as if we are just "dog paddling". Frustration can set in as we can sense when the next level is right at our fingertips, yet can seem unattainable. When that frustration is left unchecked, our visionary perceptions become dull. 

This is the time to reconnect with the Red Tailed, for he can help us remember that balance between reaching for the lofty heights and remaining strong and grounded. He can help us recognize when others around us may not have our higher good in mind, thwarting our efforts. He reminds us to draw our boundaries and protect our sacred self. He knows that stepping to the side for a moment, protected in our sacredness, allows us to access the situation more fully and find creative ways to move forward. It is that moment of remembering who we are and what we are seeking. 
He can guide is in utilizing our power, reminding is of the strength we carry, and to use our power with care.
As I get ready to move from the Winter's quiet time into the the New Beginnings of Spring, I am grateful for the reminder from the Red Tailed - reminding myself of who I am and where I am going. And for the knowing that I am Divinely Protected and Loved.

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