Monday, January 23, 2012

Wolf Animal Totem Meaning

Thought I would take a little diversion in creativity. Recently much of my work has been revolving around the Winged Ones, so this weekend I finished up working on a Wolf Totem. This recent painting is of a Wolf and Dreamcatcher, named "Dreaming Wolf".

The Wolf is pack oriented and is symbolic of unity of the pack and community. They are social creatures and have a strong sense of family. Boundaries and rules are important to them, as they have a hierarchy that they abide by. (This would be a good totem for those that have difficulty setting boundaries in their lives).

Dreaming Wolf, Original Contemporary Folk Art by Jeanne Fry

They teach us about having confidence in our selves and loyalty to those in our circles, of course all done with structure and balance.

Dreaming Wolf by Jeanne Fry

They are confident communicators and carry themselves with surety, remind us to stand tall within ourselves and emanate that at all times.

Thank you for visiting and letting me share the meaning of the Wolf Totem with you.
The Original Painting is available in our Etsy shop here:
Dreaming Wolf Original Painting on Etsy 

It is also available as an Art Print in the Fine Art America shop here:
Dreaming Wolf Art Print 

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