Monday, February 6, 2012

From Wall Art to Wearable Art

I finally took the plunge and started making pendants with prints from my original paintings. After realizing that sometimes we only have so much room in our homes for Paintings and Wall Art, I thought it was a good way for people to be able to collect the painting in a smaller venture.

I began with two different styles. The first is a more natural and earthy type of jewelry, using miniature prints of my paintings on bamboo tiles and stringing them with leather cord in a bolo style of necklace. These can be worn by men and women and are adjustable.

Kokopelli Art Pendant Bolo Style Necklace by Jeanne Fry

I love that these are so multi faceted, that they can be worn with natural styles of clothing as well as for a more formal look.

Snowy White Owl Art Pendant Bolo Style Necklace by Jeanne Fry

Being happy with this style I created several of them over the weekend.
Art Pendant Bolo Necklaces by Jeanne Fry
The other type of necklace I created uses the art print with a glass slide and aanraku bail. These necklaces are strung with ribbon and cord necklaces that have a lobster clasp on them. This style of necklace is definitely much more feminine.
"First Blooms of Love" Art Pendant Ribbon Necklace by Jeanne Fry
Honestly I don't know that I like one style more than the other, although either way they will accent outfits nicely and bring Art into the wearer's style, which I love.
"Healing Hands" Art Pendant Ribbon Necklace by Jeanne Fry
Earth Turtle Art Pendant Bolo Necklace by Jeanne Fry
Night Vision Owl Art Pendant Bolo Necklace
If you would like to see all of the Art Pendants I created you can visit my Artfire shop and browse under the "Art Pendants" category. Here is a link ~

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