Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Artist's Personal Journey

As an Artist, you become known for your style, your theme, your techniques, and the way you put yourself out there to the world.
I've always focused on symbolism, drawing strength from nature, animal totems, and uplifting themes. But what happens when the artist is having problems connecting with their own style? When the fire that burns within, that makes you pick up your brush, is diminishing? I'm not referring to a slump or block, but more of a distraction that is coming between you and the canvas.

Sometimes I think we need to take a pause, a moment, when the Art is for Us. Our own personal journey can step into plain view  and demand our attention, and we can either work with it or resist.

After spending the past 4 years in a battle with my health, fatigue, and daily pain... it has caught up with me. Faced as if we are  in a stand-off, I choose to continue the fight. And with all that is left inside of me, I allow my Art to become my "warrior". With the paintbrush, I will gather my strength and face the enemy of pain by bringing it to light. And so, I am using my art to release, to peel back the layers, to express what my voice does not.

For those of you that know me or my art, you are welcome to follow me on this journey, as my art takes a little side road...to Healing.

Today's painting ~  #1  "Inside this Shell"

"Inside this Shell"  Original on Watercolor Paper 9 x 12  by Jeanne Fry
The original of the "Inside this Shell" painting is not available, but prints are available in my Fine Art America Studio



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