Monday, February 27, 2012

The Swell of Artistic Passion - The Heron Shape Shifter

Have you ever become so filled with an artistic passion, that you must stop everything in order to fulfill it? A moment in time when an image appears in your mind that you MUST grab your brush or pen and release it?

A few days ago I was watching our local PBS station, where they were airing a concert of Harry Connick Jr.'s. While it was on I was puttering around the living room straightening up, putting things away, when Harry began performing one of his songs "Other Hours". As soon as the music started and he began singing, I stopped in my tracks...entranced. The song pulled me back to the television, listening intently to the story he was telling within his music. And I too was pulled into the mind creating images of what the song meant to me, my perception of this magical time.
As I listened, feeling almost meditative, I kept envisioning this painting and felt an overwhelming pull to get the palette of colors out and get her down on paper.

To me, I wanted to reflect this other time, a time when you are alone, when it is night time, when all of your pretenses have disappeared. A time when the mask comes off and you are completely authentic, and all of your vulnerabilities are at the forefront. Within these moments, you decide you who are and who you want to be....Transformation.

Underneath her mask lies the "Heron"...the great blue heron..symbolizing Transformation, Grace, and Patience. And the thoughts she brave enough to "Be"?

This Original Painting was done with Acrylics on high quality heavy weight watercolor paper ad measures 20 inches x 30 inches. It is framed in a black spectrum frame.
It is available in our Etsy shop here

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