Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nubian Goat Totem Symbolism

The Nubian Goat is rich in symbolism.Goats were one one of the earliest domesticated animals because of their many attributes, sought for their milk, meat, and hide.Their milk has a higher butterfat content and is generally easily digested by humans. Their hides are used for leathers in crafting everything from rugs to clothing to bags.
They represent abundance and fertility to us, a continual sustenance to satisfy our needs.
Goat and Sunflower, a contemporary folk art painting by Jeanne Fry
Goats are strong and easily adapt to varying terrain. They are excellent climbers and carry a surety in their step. Before goats were bred and domesticated, they tended to live in mountainous regions. They can adapt to their surroundings and do so with a careful and thoughtful step, showing us that when life gives us challenges to proceed with an awareness and courage.
Their climbing ability to the tops of the geographical peaks was representative of being able to see the "big picture" and attaining a stronger connection to that which is larger than us.One could say that the goat is symbolic of balance and perspective.

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(This painting has been sold)

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