Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seasons of an Artist and Wisdom in a Pumpkin Patch

The inspirations that can  influence an artist's work are varied and diverse, but the change of the seasons is usually a common thread between them. Whether their themes are on nature or not, the environment  can lend a hand in their work by color choice or symbolic perspective.
Pumpkins and Gourds posing at the Pumpkin Farm
My art does is fact focus on nature, the symbolism of the seasons, animal totem meanings, and how all of these things lend to our emotional and spiritual growth as humans. The arrival of Fall is my most loved season and has been since I was a child. The chill in the air, the comfort of a sweater, the embrace of Mother Nature as she splashes the landscape with fiery passionate colors, and the knowing of how important the need to be grateful for soon a quiet, barren, and introspective time will be creeping over the mountain. Fall wraps around my heart reminding me of tradition and family and a closeness of the spirit.
Brilliant Orange of Nature's Bounty
This past weekend we took the day to venture about through Apple Country here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where apple and pumpkin farms and roadside stands are frequent while traveling down the winding roads. A stop at the Cabbage Shack, where yes you guessed it, they sell cabbage. Not the usual run of the mill cabbage that you see in the grocery, but "mountain cabbage" which are large and a rich green with brilliantly full leaves.

At the Cabbage Shack

Mountain Cabbage

Choosing one of them is like choosing one diamond from a mine..they all look wonderful. And while getting a cabbage at The Cabbage Shack may seem like a very mundane chore...to me it is getting a gift from the Earth, a gift that was made specifically for the good of my body. You can feel the nutrients through those leaves and at that moment I am present and in tune with listening to my body, it's needs, and our connection with the Earth. The nurturing of my body is almost a meditation for me.

And soon I am drawn further down the road to the pumpkins and the gourds, for what would Fall be without them? Today everyone is out getting pumpkins. Many tourists have come to our little spot in the mountains for this experience, and the choices are many. I of course have recipes running through my mind, because I couldn't imagine just cutting one up, but need to have a use...so my plan is to roast pumpkin seeds, make a pumpkin seed brittle, and to make a Sausage Pumpkin and Sage Casserole.

Choosing my pumpkins

And as you can see, we both have different likes

And of course, this one needed to find it's home with us

Now you may be thinking I have totally veered off topic here...what does this have to do with the seasons of an artist? Well...everything. Because it is about the art of living, the art of being, and the art of connecting with natural elements. When we have mastered this, we have unlimited inspirations in creating  and it allows us to sit at the canvas with our authentic selves. Our ability to make our mundane chores become a grateful meditation, and our appreciation for life in all forms, brings a wider scoped perspective to our artwork.

And while my art always revolves around nature and empowerment, it does change during this season...bringing a different color palette and a different view of ourselves as humans during this season. A deeper richness comes forth, and because I personally resonate with this time of year...my work will come from a deeper place within me. Since Autumn arrived it has reflected this different tone...

Artwork by Jeanne Fry

Happy Fall everyone and I hope you resonate with the magic of the season.

If you are interested in seeing more of my current artwork you can find it in my Artfire Studio here

Original Painting Greeting Cards on Artfire

Original Paintings on Artfire

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