Friday, September 6, 2013

Animal Totem Ornaments from Gourd and Wood

Well, my favorite time of year is coming up...Autumn, and a whole new set of inspirations begin to fill my heart. I love the crisp mornings, the new seasonal foods, apple cider, sweet breads, and the colors...oh the COLORS ! Of course as we all begin to enjoy the season and that "nesting" feeling starts to set in, we have thoughts for the holidays. 
Now is the time I start making some seasonal pieces, and especially ornaments. Since I like to work with natural elements, I create on primarily wood and gourd. Being in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I decorate with a woodland theme, and animal totems are rampant in my work. For those of you who have some of my decorations, you know the ornaments go fast. I have a little collection available now and wanted to share them with you, as I can't guarantee how many I will be doing this season.
Animal Totem Ornaments on Gourd and Wood by Jeanne Fry
You are welcome to message me requests for specific animal totems. Available now are: Lizard, Owl, Crow, Bear, Raccoon, Eagle, and Moose.

You can find them in our Artfire Shop in the "Animal Totem Ornament" category. You can follow the link here

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