Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sacred Geometry and the Goddess Within Fine Art Print by Jeanne Fry

The Goddess sees the intricate make-up of that which surrounds her, the symbolic meaning of each detail, and the Sacred Geometry that weaves them all together. When closing her eyes her spirit feels the richness of the fabric that constructs her own temple.
"Sacred Geometry" an original Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

 It is here that Healing comes forth for herself and those that she touches. She is the Divine Feminine, bringing the Healing Light of protection and peace to those she watches over.

The Portrayal of the Painting:
The colors of indigo and blues are used in the painting to bring forward a Soothing Serenity. The representation of the Moon and her Eyes being closed portray her intuitive sense. The Face that appears on the bodice of her dress stand for her Peace and Knowing. The Honey Amber Clouds in the sky are symbolic for her Creativity and Ability to bring things to Life - the Womb of Life of the Feminine. Her dress is created with Geometric Shapes to represent the Divine in Sacred Geometry. 
The painting was done with acrylics on a 12x16 Canvas Panel.

The Original of this painting has sold. It is available as an Art Print in my Fine Art America online shop here
Goddess of Sacred Geometry Art Print on Fine Art America

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