Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wearable Art - Glass Art Jewelry with Contemporary Folk Paintings

This year I explored  various ways to use my painting collective in other forms of art. The medium that I am resonating with the most is using prints of my paintings in glass art jewelry. I am able to create pendants, rings, and earrings that feature my artwork and at the same to do at an affordable cost to my collectors. In the process I am finding "favorites" that collectors are purchasing, which is helping me get in touch with what people are most attracted to at different points throughout the year.
Glass Art Jewelry Featuring Contemporary Folk Paintings from Jeanne Fry
I have been creating many styles of pendants either Glass Pendants or Glass and Metal Pendants of various shapes. This has given me an opportunity to recreate more of the painting itself and they have resulted in stunning pieces of art on their own.
Eyes of the Elephant Glass Art Pendant by Jeanne Fry
Owl Butterfly Glass and Metal Art Pendant by Jeanne Fry
Spiral Raven Glass Art Pendant by Jeanne Fry
Once I was doing the pendants consistently, I began to explore with other jewelry pieces. Earrings were next. The excitement of seeing my artwork in such a small medium, the challenge was worthy.
Manifesting Crow Glass and Metal Art Earrings
Serenity Blue Glass Teardrop Art Earrings
Ancient Healing Garden Glass Teardrop Earrings
Now my newest exploration of the art jewelry is in metal and glass adjustable rings. These have been fun and are truly for the art lover who indulges in wearable art.
Crow and Flower Adjustable Filigree Glass and Metal Ring
Crow with Spiral Sun Glass and Metal Art Ring
Back View of Metal and Glass Art Ring
I'm sure that I will continue to be adventurous and explore more and more styles of jewelry for my artwork. 
You can see my current collection of art jewelry here in our Artfire Shop 

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