Friday, October 25, 2013

Honeybee Totem Meaning

The Honeybee has been gaining a tremendous amount of attention recently, due to their high importance in nature and the large loss in their population. Our human existence relies heavily on them, so I wanted to take some time to share their symbolic meaning.
The Honeybee and Daydreams of Honeycomb, a Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Jeanne Fry

The Honeybee is quite complex in its design, living skills, and social community. 
Life as we know it depends on the skills of the Honeybee. Their productive lives pollinate plants and flowers, many of which would not have another source of pollinating without the bee. They have the ability to "taste" through their legs, so when they land on plants they are able to sense if there is nectar available. They can store pollen in special sacks on their hind legs to take back to their hives that can be combined with nectar to make "bee bread", a special food source for the bees.The pollen also can attached itself to hairs on the bee's legs that is then transferred from flower to flower as they are foraging....thus pollinating. While it may seem that they are simply creating their hive and honeycomb for their own benefit, in the "bigger picture" other species of life (including humans) depend on their work. They are symbolic of Fertility.
Each bee has its own place in their colony, be it the Queen Bee, Worker Bees, or Drones. All of them have a vital place in their community, with each one depending on another.  This dependence on one another is just like in our own human society, with each person contributing. We can not accomplish our goals alone, no matter how much we think that we can. We all rely on others to formulate our "world". 
The Honeybee is symbolic for being able to accomplish things that others thought we could not. For a long time people were perplexed at the fact that the honeybee could even fly. His body is much larger than his wings, and it was with wonderment that this creature could accomplish flight. Although simply, the bee is able to fly because of the high rate in speed that his wings flutter. This lets us know that no matter what challenges we have in our path, there is always a way to overcome. Persistence and hard work will help us succeed. 

Their winter survival again urges us in helping one another. They huddle together in their hive, with the Queen Bee in the center. All the other bees surround her to keep her warm, knowing that she is the source of life. The bees will rotate around her through the winter, so that no honeybee gets too cold.
The Honeycomb has its own special symbolism, with each section being in the shape of the 6 sided hexagon. The hexagon represents the Heart and the Sun, reminding us of the importance of Balance. We must work hard towards our dreams and goals, together and individually...but we must also "taste of the honey". In other words, we should reap the benefits of our hard work, enjoying what we have created. It is the balance of work and play, give and take.It is the cycle of life, and enjoying each moment as it is given to us.

The Original of this Painting as sold.

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