Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bear Totem Medicine Wheel, Illustrative Painting and Symbolism

The "Bear Totem Medicine Wheel" is an illustrative original painting, created with acrylics on a birch wood panel that is mounted on a pine cradle. It represents the sacred journey of Strength and Healing. The painting is rich in detail and symbolism. Upon the earthy layered background of raw sienna, honey brown, and turquoise, is a large medicine wheel. The colors on the medicine wheel are red, yellow, white, and black with a small turquoise center. There are 4 feathers painted hanging from the bottom of the medicine wheel, and a tie at each direction each of which is embellished with silver tin cones.
Bear Totem Medicine Wheel, Illustrative Folk Painting by Jeanne Fry

The Bear Totem is the focus of the medicine wheel's energy, for Strength and Healing. One large black bear is resting in a most comfortable sleep in the bottom of the wheel, symbolizing comfort, relaxation, and restorative rest. Above him are 7 black bears walking the outer rim of the medicine wheel with a tree of life and abundance between each. Within the center of the wheel are 13 (power symbol)  smaller black bears, all walking the journey, helping one another, encouraging strength amongst themselves and promoting a healing journey.

The original of this painting has been sold, but it is available as an Art Print. You can find it here in our Artfire Shop
Bear Totem Medicine Wheel Art Prints available in our Artfire Shop

It is also available as an Art Print in our Fine Art America online shop. It is available as an Art Print, Matted and Framed, on Canvas, On Metal, or as a Greeting Card
Bear Totem Medicine Wheel Art Print

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ShadowDogDesigns said...

The painting is absolutely stunning, Jeanne! Your description is fascinating - always love to get a glimpse of the artist's thoughts in a piece. Thank you for sharing. Peace and joy . . . Catherine

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