Thursday, March 28, 2013

Robin Totem Meaning Blossoming of the Spirit

Recently a few conversations have come up with friends about the beautiful Robin totem and the symbolic meaning. Having a great respect for the winged ones, I connected with the animal spirit last night while painting him. 
Robin Totem ~ Blossoming of the Spirit ~ Original Painting Greeting Card by Jeanne Fry

The Robin, who is so prevalent in Spring, will of course be representative of new growth and blossoms. The Robin's breast is a beautiful blend of red and shades of orange, which correlate with the root and sacral chakras which speak of stability, grounding, passion, and creativity. This is a wonderful blend for those that are learning to truly become who they are and to follow a path that speaks to their innermost passions. The stability that comes from the root chakra helps to provide a balance while immersed in a creative flow, preventing an obsessive nature and allowing one to go forth calmly and methodically while they are learning to live their dreams. 
During this journey, we can also take into consideration the Robin's eggs. The eggs are a sweet and soothing blue. The blue is symbolic of the throat chakra energy, learning to use our voice, to be able to speak our wants and needs clearly. This of course is a wonderful attribute to use when one is learning to follow their own true nature. 
Robin Totem ~ Blossoming of the Spirit by Jeanne Fry

All of these elements combined in the Robin Totem (level-headedness, balance, inspiration, passion, creativity, and using the voice with integrity), can teach us how to follow the path to what we are meant to do and be. It is a Blossoming of the Spirit.

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