Thursday, March 28, 2013

Luna's Elemental Infusion Abstract Mixed Media

Luna's Elemental Infusion is a new Abstract Mixed Media piece I created. I was inspired to bring forth how all things are connected and affect each other, the richness of life and every component.
The painting is rich in layers on a Birch Wood Panel that is mounted on a Pine Cradle.
Luna's Elemental Infusion, Abstract Mixed Media by Jeanne Fry

I began with acrylics and then applied fiber medium and crackle additives. The predominent colors are burnt umber and a sea green turquoise, representing earth, water, and sky. An Indian Yellow Amber is subtly added in to symbolize the warmth of the sun.  A Luna Moth is fluttering above, in mint green and silver with purple dripping to assimilate its air quality. Metal embellishments are attached, bringing a production of the Earth. A dried botanical is attached for the cycles of life. A sprig of fern is painted into the bottom corner for new life.
Luna's Elemental Infusion, simply put, to represent Life and the elements that surround us, providing a rich nourishment to our being.

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