Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beaver Totem Meaning ~ Architect of Life

I often hear complaints about beavers being a nuisance, but there is much to learn from the Beaver Totem. The Beaver is a great builder. They build their "lodges" in water, and if a pond is not accessible they will build a dam to create one. Not only does this serve their living needs, but is also a source of protection. They will store their food there and use the water to move their building materials. 
Beaver Totem Architect of Life, Original Painted Greeting Card by Jeanne Fry

When building their lodge they use mud and leaves as an insulation for winter. (Much like we humans use natural cob building techniques, their mud, leaves, and sticks will harden and freeze creating a solid structure for the cold winter months). They build canals, have places for food storage, and their lodges all become an intricate little "city" for their community.
It speaks to us about building what you need in life, creating your home, and providing for your future.They are considered an Architect of Life.

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