Monday, June 21, 2010

I am but One Woman...

While watching the telethon this evening to raise funds for the Gulf Oil Spill.....

"I am but One Woman
who's mind races to find the answers,
who's heart  feels larger than the sun, And
who's spirit embraces every fragile being.
This Wounded Warrior that resides in my soul
grieves at the news of sadness,
weeps when she sees the tears, And
mourns when she can't rush to hold the hand or soothe the pain.
I am but One Woman
tucked away in my corner of the world
Feeling helpless in the very little bits that I can do.

But..I can paint the healing I wish for the world,
I can sculpt that which I wish to create,
I can pray that Spirit will heal the delicate, And
I can help illuminate by sharing and joining in the collective of like minds who cherish this Earth we live upon.
I am but One Woman
who knows when we join hands... that we can and do... change the world.

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