Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Love our home

Oh these Blue Ridge Mountains...hello old friend. We have missed you so. We have traveled long and far and our weary souls could feel ourselves getting nearer to your beauty and magical embrace.

In all of my life, I don't think that I have ever truly lived in such a place that could just make my heart sing the way these mountains can. We are so blessed to know this land, to smell their mountain breezes, to feel the warmth of the sun through the tree tops.

Your morning mists hold stories from long ago that we cherish and still tell to this day. The perfect place to hold a remembrance of the past while looking to the future, a remarkable balance in the circle of life.

Sometimes in life we have to go away in order to find ourselves, to understand ourselves. And I am thankful that the journey has led us  back to you.
It is so good to be home, and even though we have so much work to do to re-establish,  just stepping outside and being here...right here....I know that everything is as it should be.
We are blessed to know a love like this.

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